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[SELLING] UK - New 40Ah LTO Cells not at the price you expect
UK Only - Near Luton

I have a shipment of cells on the way into the UK some of which for my own home solar storage unit (18kWh) and will have a number of cells spare as I made the order larger to drop the overall shipping cost per cell.

The cells are new LTO 40Ah (3rd generation cell) and good for over 10k cycles and would be looking at £28 each for them or better in qty. They are from 3rd largest LTO manufacturer in the world and not a no brand random used cell....  The price per kWh is £304 and throughput cost on 12k cycles is 2.54p/kWh. 

They may be the cheapest new branded LTO cell in the UK at this price.

The price is below a lot of new 18650 pricing on a kWh basis and multiples less on a throughput basis.

I may have around 15kWh available and looking for anyone interested in the cells.
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Thought I would add some numbers to help compare.

New 18650 cells are being quoted around £1 per Ah capacity mark and should last around 1200 cycles. Being optimistic, lets say they are cared for and last 2000 cycles. Taking a nominal cell voltage of 3.7V and £ per Ah this works out to be £270/kWh in capacity and for 2000 cycles this would work out to be a storage throughput cost of 13.51p/kWh. Typical eBay pricing per cell is above £1/Ah and any decent named brand is well over £1 pricing. High capaacity cells can sometimes be a different chemistry and will only last 500 cycles (some 26650 5500mAh from for example).

Comparing 32Ah Kokam pouch cells on eBay at £50 per cell, again 2000 cycles these work out to be £422/kWh and a throughput equivalent of 21.11p/kWh.

Comparing A123 pouch cells quoted on Alli, £241.50 for 12 cells of 20Ah with a cycle life of 3000 (80% DoD) these equate to £271.96/kWh and a throughput cost of 11.33p/kWh. With them beingdirect from China you could then end up with an additional 20% VAT on top and 2.7% duty if they are imported correctly. This would push the cost up by another 20% if they are not impounded. No Taxes might be quoted because they import them under a different duty code to evades the hazardous goods shipping cost and issues...

If you are getting free 18650 cells from recycling then you are on a real winner, just be aware of the cycle life and not to use the low capacity cells as the time to process and use them compared to the benefit gained will be very low.... your time is valuable.

If your paying above 1 (£/$/Eur) per Ah then I would argue they are not really viable at all for a powerwall unless you are off grid and have no option, even then I would argue to look at the options and work out the real cost as to what you are planning.

In the UK with the single rate tariff price at 15p/kWh if you have solar and have the 50% deemed export credit, your exports are effectively 0p/kW energy cost to you, i.e. option price for your exported energy of zero. If your storage throughput cost is (as per the A123 cells) 11.33p/kW and you have an overall in/out efficiency of 80%, excluding inverter cost, the economics stack up to 14.16p/kWh and it is just not viable. Drop the throughput cost to less than 3p/kWh with LTO cells, add in 5p/kWh for inverter plus other costs (10% duty 2kW over 10yrs, £800) and you are at 8p/kWh leavign a margin of 7p/kWh as benefit to you. This in my view is the only viable economic storage option that works for the UK.

In my case my solar (no tariff) costs me around 4p/kWh and my other costs add up to around 3p/kWh, so for me my project cost is looking at providing 100% clean green power for less than 10p/kWh and have near zero imports through the whole of the summer.

If you want any help working out costing for your project I would be happy to help.

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