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Full Version: New Video to promote forum
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Caution - Audio required & may induce seizures  Big Grin 


What ya think ?
This is like Art... and not only the video, some gorgeous builds in there....
Awesome video, keep it up!
Sweet!!! But, umm, You have way to much free time on your hands. Especially with kids runnin around Tongue
I finally had a chance to watch this. Fantastic work! The music choice is perfect for it too Smile
Not one girl in a bikini?! Haha. Well done brotha.
All were contacted - none responded in time Smile

LOL Tongue
very nice video, good work, Pete  Smile 

btw, the girls are here in my basement, massaging my cells for a smooth current flow Big Grin
(07-31-2017, 12:24 AM)hbpowerwall Wrote: [ -> ]All were contacted - none responded in time Smile

Are those the new water proof inverters?
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