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Full Version: Smallest Usable Battery?
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So everyone here has (or is working towards) massive amounts of power.

I was wondering about the opposite way. Whats the smallest (either physical or capacity) battery or cell that you've personally encountered?

I'll start with an 18650. Specifically a Panasonic CGR18650CG that tested in a whopping 53mAh. Charges and discharges just fine, holds voltage just fine too.
0mAh. Ie dead cells. Of course i have had 1mAh and up to... Most of us processed 1000s and 1000s of cells have seen it all Smile
Well i was hoping for cells that still "functioned". i.e. not-dead cells. but that 1mAh is... low.
1mAh works.. They contain 1mAh. But useless for everyone if you ask me.
200mAh was the lowest I ever found. Was from an old LiIon power tool that was rated at 1000mah. Can still pull 7A from it without much problem. Was rated for 20-25A initially. Can't find a source for it though.
Now sitting in a triple AAA flashlight in case of small emergencies.