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Full Version: 18650 cells massive sale have around `15000 cells in total
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hello 18650 world
i have to sell some my stock as have no free room

here is  cells counted by capacity all tested and in good stage

cells from 2000-2100 Special offer 0.75$ each MIN order 300 cells (if buy 500+ cells then 0.60$)
cells from 2101-2200 special offer 0.85$each MIN order 300 cells (if buy 500+cells then 0.70$)
cells from 2201-2300 special offer 0.99$ each min order 300 cells (if buy 500+cells then 0.90$)
cells from 2301-2400 special offer 1.20$ each min order 200 cells (if buy 500+ cells then 1.05$)

have cells above 2400 mAh to 2900mAh please contact for deal(total maybe 2000 cells)

ALL CELLS are tested by liitokala engineer Lii-500 and opus 3100 devices

by discharge rate @1A

cells been stored for 3 weeks to make sure its not self discharge fast
approx voltage 4.09-4.16 
i have dropped down to storage voltage  about 3.8-3.9V

all cells are in UK , can post to  whole EU (price is about 35 EURO up to 18KG per parcel) and be delivered to customer  by  driver direct to your place
feel free to contact or call

Lets make this world better and more independent
local buyers in uk please welcome to visit my place and see real time all cells and testing

below  is couple of pictures
Nice, good to know there is a UK seller on this place.

I might be interested soon, once i opened up all my current power packs.

Do you have prices in pounds?
yes sure just pm me
we can make good deal
Are you prices in Euro's/ US Dollars or UK pounds?
Well, he uses the $ symbol. So dollars. That's why zag2me asked for prices in pounds.

There seems to be a mistake by the way, the Lii-500 can't do 1A discharge according to its specs. If you set it to 1A in test mode then it will discharge at 500mA.
prices are in USD but its easy to calculate in GBP or EURO without problem by google

my litokala is modified to discharge @1A to make tests and have fan and heatsinks on mosfeets
how about payment ? need a few to start with.
best way is paypal, type me private we can discuss
will you ship to the US?
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