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Full Version: Cell Database Submissions and Updates
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We have compiled an extensive database of cell information here on the forums. In order to keep improving and make it grow, we need your help! As you are breaking down your battery packs to recover cells, please consider taking pictures. We are especially looking for new cells that are not in the database yet. If you have new information to submit or update, please reply to this thread. You can new cells, pictures of cells already in the database, and spec sheets if we are missing them. A staff member will save the information to the database and put a note in the post that it has been updated.

New Cell Submissions
* New cell submissions must include a minimum of two pictures, one from the side (example picture) and one from the top showing the insulator ring (example picture). These pictures will be used to generate the thumbnail used for the database listing. These pictures must be taken directly from the front. The pictures cannot be on an angle. You may add any amount of additional pictures after the initial two. The more the better!

Picture Requirements:
* The cell must be clean. No glue, torn wrappers, capacity writing, etc.
* The picture must occupy most of the frame, not from far away.
* Please use a clean background. The cell should be the only subject in the picture. No junk in the background.
* The image should be properly lit, no dark or fuzzy pictures.
* We are only interested in high resolution pictures. Pictures should be a minimum of 2560x1960 (5MP).
* Pictures must be clear and in focus.
* Pictures must be yours that you took with your camera. Do not submit pictures from the Internet.
* Do not crop the pictures to odd proportions. Please submit the full resolution photo from the camera

Examples of Good Pictures:

Examples of Bad Pictures:
I created this new thread as a clean start. I believe I got everything from the other thread. People are starting to send in pictures from all over and I'm loosing track a bit. I updated the requirements/information in the first post. Please give it a read through before submitting any additional pictures. Thank you everyone who has contributed thus far.

The key points going forward:
* No blurry/out of focus pictures
* No cropped pictures with odd resolutions

Thank you!
A few datasheets for FST as I found a "source" searching for FST 20650-3350 cells.
No cell submitted right now, but may be usefull later-on

FST 18650-2500mah :
FST 18650-2400mah :
FST 18650-2000mah :

For Molicel (Moli Energy) - Fisrt 3 are just backups links from manufacturer website

ICR18650J - 2400 mAh
ICR18650K - 2600 mAh
ICR18650M - 2800 mAh
IHR18650B - 2250 mAh
IHR18650C - 2000 mAh
INR18650A - 2500 mAh
IBR18650BC - 1500 mAh
LG cell part number reading

This may help others and provide an easier way to find datasheet. As per my readings yesturday using GTranslate on chinese forums, here the sum-up of my findings

A cell part number is a reference of 10 to 11 characters for LG. This is built as the concattenation of
Brand - Manufacture Facility - Cell Model - Form Factor where
  • Brand : 2 characters LG
  • Manufacture facility supposed - 1 to 2 characters alphanumerics. For instance A or DB. May have different meaning
  • Cell model : 2 to 3 characters. For instance MF1 or S3
  • Form factor : 4 to 5 digits. For instance 1865 or 18650 for 18650 form factor
A few examples :
  • LGAAMF11865 => ICR18650 MF1 cell
  • LGDAMF11865 => ICR18650 MF1 cell
  • LGADHB61865 => INR18650 HB6 cell
  • LGDBB31865 => ICR18650 B3 cell
  • LGCS218650 => ICR18650 S2 cell
  • LGEAS318650 => ICR18650 S3 cell
  • LGDS318650 => ICR18650 S3 cell
  • LGES318650 => ICR18650 S3 cell
  • LGABB41865 => ICR18650 B4 cell
  • LGDBB41865 => ICR18650 B4 cell
Can't confirm this works for all LG cells but seems interesting to get that in mind.

Note : This does not work on LGDA2E18650 as 2E & 2E1 cells seem not existing and E1 cells exists but with other specs that the ones reported here
any good  for database?

Still testing but coming up 1000mah so far.
A colourful one for the  database 

Brand: Sanyo/Panasonic
Model: UR18650ZTA 
Capacity: 3000mAh Rated
Voltage: 3.7V Nominal
Charging: 4.35V Maximum
1450mA Standard
? mA Maximum
Discharging: 3.0V Cutoff
?mA Standard
?mA Maximum
Description: Purple Cell Wrapper
Yellow Insulator Ring
18650 Form Factor

Datasheet link



Brand: BAK
Model: B18650CA
Capacity: 2250mAh Rated
Voltage: 3.60V Nominal

4.20V Maximum
1100mA Standard
2200mA Maximum

2.75V Cutoff
1100mA Standard
2200mA Maximum

Description: Green (Light) Cell Wrapper
White Insulator Ring
18650 Form Factor

Data References:

No datasheet found but there is a photo  at
Not sure how this is to be laid out

Samsung SDI
[b]Capacity 1300mAh[/b]
[b][b]Discharge 10A[/b][/b]
Battery Specs

That is all I could find on these.

Brand: Sanyo
Model:  HR-4/3FAU
Capacity: 4.5 Ah
Voltage: 1.20V Nominal (NiMH, not lithium)
Charging: 1.5V Cutoff; 450mA Standard; 3000 mA Maximum
Description: Nickel-Metal Hydride Cell, Not Lithium; Dark Green Wrapping; Black Ring; 18650 Form Factor except ~1mm longer; Found in older laptop packs, not compatibly with 18650 lithium cells; Specifications link:
2330mAh Rated
3.70V Nominal
4.35V Maximum
1190mA Standard
--mA Maximum
3.00V Cutoff
1210mA Standard
4840mA Maximum
Purple Cell Wrapper
White Insulator Ring
16650 Form Factor

Datasheet :



No details, except it's a 2200 mah
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