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    Esmart3 nuissances

    You type the right battery voltage in the second field in the LEFT column and hit Apply. That's it. Use a translation app on your phone to find out. Do this at your own risk. I screwed it and I had to find a way to restore it to a working condition.
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    Esmart3 nuissances

    KEEP READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not the 3rd, very important!!!!! OP should edit that or an admin to prevent more people screwing up their SSC.
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    Mobile Phone with thermal camera built in.

    Check this out. It is from the same Kiwi guy you just shared the hydro turbine in FB.
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    They sit flat, nothing on top of each module.
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    That is one of 14 600P modules, so you can have a reference.
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    not sure to post about the question?

    Have you considered the new PIP 7248MAX? * 7.2 Kw * 2 high voltage MPPT * 8 Kw PV field * 80 A MPPT charger and 80 A utility charger * Paralel ready up to 6 units with built in paralel kit * And some other goodies. I agree Victron plays in another league but man are they expensive!!! And on...
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    Trip unit for Merling Gerin NS250DC

    Just last week I read somewhere in here somebody commenting about buying a trip unit for one of these MCB but for the life of me I cannot find that tread. Just bought one of these and would need a trip coil to make it fully functional.
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    Replacement 18650 cell for XIAOMI M365 scooter

    I can provide the three cells you need in "like new" condition free of charge but you have to figure out a way of shiping. I am located in the south of Spain.
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    Replacement 18650 cell for XIAOMI M365 scooter

    Where are you located?
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    Chargery bms bad reviews?

    Chargery also does "Low temp cut off"
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    Wolf's PowIRwall

    I am sure you noticed this. Didn't you?
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    10 more Batteries LGGBM261865 ....

    You do not have to cut the rod. There is one phillips screw on the end of it. Remove it and slide the batteries. Have dissasambled many of these though with different cells, EVE 18650/26V.
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    Samsung IRC18650j and Samsung ICR18650H

    I do ship, EU only. I did say "buy more get better prices" so implied is I am willing to arrange the price some. Thanks for your suggestion.
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    Samsung IRC18650j and Samsung ICR18650H

    Bump...Many still available.