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    Sanyo NCR18650BL only (EU)

    Selling 18650 cells of the manufacturer Sanyo NCR18650 BL. About 1000 units were charged and discharged with a charging power of 2A between 4.00V and 3.30V. No cell has warmed up unusually. The measured internal resistance of the cells is between 21 and 60 mOhm. The measurement results are...
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    Samsung SDI cell - 22Ah - EU - Austria - LiFePO4

    Yes, Thanks. I thought i'm able to correct this Information. :angel: Resistance is only 2,7 mOhm. Measured capacity of a cell is from 3,55V to 2,90V - 20.063mAh. So i did not measured a full cycle.
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    Samsung SDI cell - 22Ah - EU - Austria - LiFePO4

    CellingSamsungSDIcells. LiFePO4 Cells with 22Ah Internal resistance: 2.7 mOhm measured capacity: 20.063mAh between 3.55V and 2.90V - No full cycle was done. Dimension per cell 20x95x173 mm B * H * L All cells have exactly 3.21V. Two M4 AlMag3 bolts were welded per cell so that they can be...