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    Watchmon 4 and Tesla Model S modules compatibility?.

    [Bump] I would love to buy Batrium for my two modules. @valheru Have you tried soldering to the plates? I have attempted this and failed, i cannot get the solder to stick.
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    LG/Samsung 18650 2150mah Batteries (400Total)

    Overkill on the bus bars? Any negatives from using them?
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    LG/Samsung 18650 2150mah Batteries (400Total)

    On Ebay
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    208 Powerwall Project

    Hello everyone, wanted to post my progress thus far. Objective 48v Powerwall (emulating AverageJoe), standalone for now. Parts list Opus BT-C3100 Amazon Link iMax B6AC v2 Amazon Link Battery Holders Amazon Link Battery Insulators Amazon Link Batteries (LG&Samung - 400 bought thus far)...
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    Hello, been lurking for awhile as I try to make a decision on wether or not to start my own project (hobby). The amount of support and participation in theseforums has convinced me that i should take it on. My objective is to have a 48v powerwall buti am starting slowly with a 12v, at least as...