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    tested 18650 ~1000 total - UPDATE : SOLD

    All sold pretty much. ebay FTW
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    Awesome Capacity

    you wont get over 3000 without charging to the higher voltages usually, the panos do 3400, but most other cells 3000mAh and over require 4.35v
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    Minimum amp

    I have to call back to my original post, dont do arbitrary capacity minimums, have a % of original design capacity as your minimum. A 2100mAh minimum on first a cell that was 3400mAh compared to a cell that was originally 2400mAh are two entirely different beasts. By design, manufacturers slate...
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    Jo?o Balancing his 5kw Train!

    I still cant help but cringe at the mm's of clearance between positive bus bar and cells shorting. But then thats just me, my rigs just as cringy to most others I suppose. kind regards
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    Biggest bottleneck in an 18650 pack

    This is why i dont use fuses, unnecessary and wasteful and a false sense of safety. Providing you dont over charge or under discharge, your batteries will be fine. This is exactly why laptops cells dont have fuses, it adds a level of unacceptable risk. Large scale installations have fuses for...
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    How to recover 18650 Cells safely and reliably

    The only thing i would add is do your self discharge test after a discharge, as because there is very little energy left in the cell, it accentuates the self discharge stats and really shows a bad cell. Sit a fully charged cell for long enough and it will drop back toward nominal voltage...
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    Crazy AliExpress ID verification process

    this is why i dont use ali, on top of a lot of the sellers not using paypal, its just ripe for scamming think of what your bank would say if you filed for a scam, then told them that you had photo'd the both sides of your CC for the scammer. be like trying to claim when you left your keys in...
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    LiON Batteries + Heat - Lifetime

    Watched this lecture a few years ago, its quite good, but really just alludes to the anomalous materials in upcoming generations of batteries (that we now use) Again, keep in mind that most lappy batteries cycle cells hundreds of times to 100% dod at 40c+ and still perform admirably after...
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    ElectricBike goes offtap with SO MUCH POWER 42kW

    Its on the ground popping 300A breaker Lunatics, love the green approach with wood, just like one of my home projects <grins>
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    Cell caught fire !!!

    Still not as good as a disposable shed like you and i have Pete .... <grins>
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    ElectricBike goes offtap with SO MUCH POWER 42kW

    Another teaser update Cant wait to see him smoke this thing on the pavement
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    What else can we learn from Tesla battery pack design

    I just want to add a quick point. I compare tesla battery design and execution to NASA going to space. Both tesla and NASA being pioneers have to ensure more standards are met for indemnity reasons as apposed to safety. Think of it like this, NASA when going to space HAD to do everything as...
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    Voltages when charging

    No concern at all. A fully charged cell will slowly drift back towards 4v, dont keep charging a cell that got to 4.2 and drifts down. Similarly a fully discharged cell will drift back toward 3.5-3.6 depending on the discharge C rate. A cell charged at a high rate (1000mAh for instance) will...
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    ElectricBike goes offtap with SO MUCH POWER 42kW

    Thats the issue with my ebike, spoke snappage. I had to build a wooden mag enclosure to support the whole structure. Ghetto, but it works.
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    Voltages when charging

    The important thing to remember when charging any cell is that its current as well as voltage that needs to be considered. Fully charged is 4.2 @ 50mAh. You should really stop when its at about 0.8A 4.2. for the 16 cells combined Pluck any stranglers and charge them individually and segregate...