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    Self-powered power shelf for pack testing

    Added a BMS to the power shelf last week: And also using a cell logger to track the cell group voltages on the 4S pack under simulated solar charge/discharge cycles:
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    Self-powered power shelf for pack testing

    Just uploaded a video to my channel with my new self-powered power shelf that I'm using to test the 20P groups I'll be using in my final battery packs: I use one 4S20P pack to power an iCharger1010B+ and that in turn charges/discharges 1S20P groups to get capacity figures. It takes about 25%...
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    Inverter Input Voltage Ranges

    The Tripplite sine wave inverter I am working with is supposed to handle up to 16V on the input: I'm planning to test that with a 4S li-ion battery pack run at 4V/cell.