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    blustery wind here

    You know of any VAWT which are giving good output for the money? Most of them are very low wattage, others are very expensive... And if possible 48V output...
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    blustery wind here

    I've seen your clip and I suppose that you are standing on the ground with the meter in your hand, not even over your head. The wind on the high turbine will catch more and cleaner wind if there are not too many obstructions in your area.( buildings, trees, ...) So I think your values are not...
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    Look what i got to dismantle! hehehehe

    On the Lipo, I must agree. They are much more vulnerable due to thin skin. Also when ageing, they start to expand. Even to that extend that some of the hard plastic casings from ebike pop open... When I flew my RC helicopter, I had the Lipo's in there, and the cheaper ones expanded after only...
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    Look what i got to dismantle! hehehehe

    I like the ebike packs too. If you get to know the brands in your area, you'll soon get to know which ones have lipo and leave them there. It's just nice not having to clean the cells... Try to find "local" "quality"bikes, they usually have better cells inside than the Chinese ebikes. In...
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    E-bike batteries related videos

    Indeed, on this pack I used the angle grinder in the mid of the pack (long end on the top). There are no cells near the metal on that place. But on the previous packs it was much easier without the epoxy. You could just slide them out. My bike shop told me there are 3 more on the way, so I'll...
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    Belgium people: united we should stand

    Was there a brand on the box? can you post a picture of the case? it's helpfull. I have a thread in"youtube vids" in the forum, especially on ebike batteries. Posting the pic in there can create a "database"... 29 cells... strange...
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    Belgium people: united we should stand

    What do you think about the NO PAYING approach? If we all stick together, we can keep it like that ... And the fewer the competition, the easier it will be ... Hahahaha Can I claim East-Flanders....LOL
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    Belgium people: united we should stand

    Hi Ivo, I really like the way you want to approach this, but I'm sure that the money will win over some testprojects to recover 18650 cells. And don't forget, we have all paid for the recycling when we bought the pc, the drill, the ebike... So they "have to" do their job. I focus on shops...
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    Planning a solar setup in Belgium

    Hi Nick, I'm from Belgium and building a Powerwall. My current solar system is 21 on-grid 265 panels. Connected to 2 small SMA inverters, due to different sun angles/times. I have around 4700 KWH per year, for 7 years now, and use about 5500 KWH. Indeed, the new taxes cut hard in the revenue...
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    Batterybox for 14S 120P (Austrian style)

    It looks really good. And the exploding and burning thing is an issue at my house too....the wife... Only thing is, will that metal case really help or is it just for peace of mind... I think it's the second one. I've looked into metal cupboards for ammo and gun storage. They seem more sturdy...
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    Cell Internal Resistance

    I myself use a dedicated (budget) Impedance Meter. This gives more consistent readings then the opus. It also deducts the resistance from the wires and the touchprobes. And indeed, the values are relative. I choose not to use cells which have an IR of >150. Others here on the forum go up to...