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    Sony US18650GR (G6) Cell Specifications

    Recently got two laptop battery pack one hp one acer both have same cell and unfortunately they both leaked
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    DIY 100W USBC PD power bank
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    Removing cells from Ego 56V battery packs

    just cut the nickle strip and solder to it without seprating from the battery
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    DIY 100W USBC PD power bank

    Recently I'm trying to make a 100w PD power bank for my laptops. the built in battery of my laptops don't last for long and replacing the cells is quite hard because it requires non stop power to the bms or else it won't work again. I'm using 6s1p(I'll use 2p when I get some new batteries)with...
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    DIY bench power supply

    Buck converters are not isolated so it will still be live and can shock you
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    DIY bench power supply

    Pc psu often only have 12v You can just use a server psu it have 48v and several kw it's more then enough for your project but it's big and not easy to get
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    I got a NEW Powerwall then proceeded tare it down!

    Can you try to rebuild it with recycled cells it'll be awesome even if u don't have use to it it still looks cool
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    DIY bench power supply

    But it only do step down not step up so you maybe need two pc psu in series it's isolated so it should be fine
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    Where Did You Find Us?

    I'm trying to make a laptop power bank and YouTube recommended me hbpowerwall's video