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    3D Prints You Guys Might be able to use

    To use the slot it would have to be printed vertically. The t hold just fine and is not going to break off. I yanked the crap out of that thing. It didn't budge. I don't think k it needs to be any thicker it would just add bulk. I can see where countersinking the heads would make a nicer looking...
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    3D Prints You Guys Might be able to use

    Watt Meter Holder With Binding Posts. Small Pack Hold Down. Large Pack Hold Down. Let me know what you guys think, and if they are any use to you.
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    Hello From Texas.

    Hey Guys I am new to the Exciting world of 18650. I am In Conroe, TX I am working my way up to the Big Stuff :) Have some 3D prints you might be Interested in. Anyway Thanks Mike King.