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    Introducing online battery design tool

    Hi everyone, I saw you have a Pack Builder tool so I thought this would be an excellent place to introduce the alpha release of our new battery design tool. I am Anton, the founder and CEO of Voltaplex and Keep in mind we're still in Alpha so there may be some bugs 🐛 (but hopefully...
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    Battery specs question

    As others have said it's a Sanyo with model UR18650F. Keep in mind this model was released 20 years ago and gets updated over time. If your cells aren't rusty you should reference datasheets from the last few years since the older ones may be outdated to get an idea of their capability...
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    Battery specs question

    Showing the positive pole of the cell and writing down any markings would help ID them.
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    Pack Fusing / Fuse Wire / Failure

    Edit: deleted post looked closer and see the bus bar system you are using. I would suggest potentially separating it a bit more from the cell level with some insulation. Like making the fuses poke up through some barley paper.
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    Mobile Phone with thermal camera built in.

    There is a Chinese rugged phone that has an attachment port for FLIR, endoscope and other things but I don't remember the name. I think all rugged phones including CAT have reliable hardware, but their software is not so reliable. But if you need those features (CAT even has an air quality...
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    Handheld Computer battery packs

    You might say, OK they all have temperature protection that's good -- but they could have different temperature thresholds so when you are running one module shuts down while the others keep running. I think there are many issues to trying to use the original laptop PCB. To avoid the issues you...
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    Damaged Cells

    If that's a Panasonic then it has been impact tested without causing fire... but they don't cycle them after the impact either. The OEM guidelines are to do an appearance check before assembly into packs and if there's a dent then to do not use. If I had to guess what's going on it is that...
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    Aluminum Box for 18650s - Fireproof?

    That's interesting thanks. I don't know the details but I do know many flights now carry a small metal box with an extinguishing agent or a containment bag to extinguish small lithium-ion fires. The halon gas in the cargo hold can also suppress the fires, but it's complicated and has to do a lot...
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    Aluminum Box for 18650s - Fireproof?

    An experimental study on thermal runaway characteristics of lithium-ion batteries with high specific energy and prediction of heat release rate Link For starters make sure the casing can contain over 1500 °C. Here is a list of common metal melting points. Link Aluminum: 660 °C Stainless...
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    Damaged Cells

    Dents like this usually happen in shipping if the box was smashed on a side or corner. We have had it happen for a couple international boxes over the years. You are right not to use them... you should immediately send it to the recycling bin and find replacements. :)
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    Pack cooling

    Probably the best way to deal with cooling is to make sure your cells are not getting close to their max. continuous discharge current value with the load(s) you're applying.
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    What are some practical techniques for sorting cells in bulk quickly?

    For speed it's usually sorted by voltage/resistance. For example we have used a machine similar to this: But there are more mechanical /...
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    What are some practical techniques for sorting cells in bulk quickly?

    Everyone else gave good advice and decent procedures. If you plan on processing 3k cells often, there are also automated machines for cell sorting by voltage/capacity that we use.