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    3D printer

    I have a Robo 3D Printer, I don't recommend it the support is the worst I have ever seen, <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... 3d-printer</a><!-- m --> But the local Hackerspace has a Taz...
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    Advice on dischargers

    Hi All I m at the stage where I have charged quite a few 18650 cells now and am wanting to know what discharges people are using to test their cells, I am now charging 36cells at a time and am wanting to discharge about the same amount, does any one have any advice on which ones to get
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    NERDVille - In Da House (preferably with a HBPowerwall)

    Welcome NERDVille, I have been following you videos for a while now, that is how i came across HBpowerwall. thanks for doing your videos they are really helpful
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    Hello from Germany

    Thanks for the pics BigBen
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    3 Word story MUST BE BATTERY RELATED : GO!

    a read-out displaying
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    Azza's Powerwall

    yeah I ended up ordering way too many was wanting to get 100 but an accounting error got me 1100, I didn't need that many so I gave most of them away, :( I should have kept them, oh well
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    Hello There

    Welcome Mike, are you running a 24v setup or a 48v?
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    Welcome Nismo nick, hope you learn alot from all the other members.
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    Helloe everyone Old Time Emgineer here

    Welcome ote hope you get the approval, would be awesome to see your project get started
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    My intro

    Welcome Paul
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    hello world

    Welcome mytechnologytrail what are you run on the PIs?
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    Welcome John3voltas
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    Hello from the UK (the old dart)

    Welcome Chris
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    New User Hello!

    Welcome Craftsman1234