I?ve been designing power electronics (battery chargers, electronic loads, energy harvesters, power supplies, battery monitoring, protection, and management systems, etc.) full time for my clients since 1992.

For over four years now, as Mooch and Battery Mooch, I have been testing thousands of cells for the vaping community to identify the overrated junk and help that community choose the cells that best fit their needs. The link in my profile takes you to my test reports for about 300 different cells and some chargers.

I have also started testing chargers and AC wall adapters for build quality, safety, and durability.

I find it incredibly rewarding to learn new things and I look forward to doing that here as I work on designing and building a powerwall.


[size=small]I only have about 400 cells gathered so far but I do have a bit of gear I use for my day job and cell testing:


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