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    Another DIY Powerwall in Germany (15 kWh)

    Hallo Alex, auch von mir herzlich willkommen im Forum! Very nice work you have done so far. I'm very curios to see your progress without the balancer. Let's see the behaviour of the packs. Alles Gute BigBen
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    Darmok's Power Wall build

    Hi Darmok, here in Germany the average prise is around 3.00 euro per pack if you buy on ebay. You never know the quality of packs and you have lots of rounds to process this cells and so on and so on. In meantime there are new original Sanoy cell with 2250mAh/5A for 1.60 if you buy 540 pcs. I...
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    Li-Po Power Wall?

    Hello Alyas, your schematics looks good to me! The BMS is really special thing to be planed very carryfully. The cheap bleeding BMS are not that good. The better ones costs much of money. Good luck BigBen
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    Kens's diy powerwall build

    The best tool to measure the current is pliers multimeter. A simple multimeter can ususaly measure only 10A. Btw. how many Amps can delivery your photovoltaic panels and your BYD controller? Maybe there is already a physical limitation in deliverance? Greetings BigBen
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    There's a new wall in Germany!

    Awesome! Even for the Guines Book of records! Gratuliere! BigBen Pipe conductors - my goodness! Cheap and effective... You can use them even as radar wave conductors or heating/cooling elements... hahaha A whole wall of power made in Germany! Oliver, you are the champion! I like that! BigBen
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    Kens's diy powerwall build

    Hi Ken, as far as I knew, you bought new LG INR 18650MG1 cells. According the spec the nominal charging rate is 0.5C => 2850*0.5 = 1.4A That's the amount you charge every cell. In one pack you have 36psc * 1.4A = 50.4A. The advise of daromer to load with 36A is also OK. The lifetime of your...
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    Frank's DIY Powerwall

    Lot of success - viel Erfolg! BigBen
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    Power Resistor Heater

    Hi Jeremy, what would happen if you would take just a heating gun/heating vent and connect it to a timer and would heat every one /two/tree hours your cabinet? With a vent you even can cool it. I would say it is an easy and simple way. If you have an converter in this room just plug the device...
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    J-Mans project

    Hi The-J-Man, to know the correct voltage is extremly important. To set the cells on overvoltage is deadly - it destroys the chemistry. I have also two i-Maxes ( should be genuine because of hologramm on bottom plate) but every one shows his own "measured" voltage. I have had to buy a real DMM...
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    Kens's diy powerwall build

    Oh, that's the reason why they are "out of stock" :) Ok, let us know the expirience you have made.
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    Kens's diy powerwall build

    Hi Ken, in Germany it is really difficult to get some used laptop batteries. So many people are chasing after them. But here is one reliable source from Netherlands for new cells: Best regards BigBen
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    J-Mans project

    Hi folks, there are some cells which are difficult to solder. Not only you are facing this phenomonal but also in other forums peaple are telling about this problem. Some Sony types and unknown manufacturer from China use some kind of inox metalls. Just scratch them with sandpaper and solder...
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    Kens's diy powerwall build

    Hi Ken, I would also suggest to start with 14s. Yes, your edges will be 4.02 and 3.375 volts. Depending on the capacity of your battery your voltage delta will be even between two volts and this delta can be placed between even less that one volt. One example from my real situation: Vmin is...
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    Kens's diy powerwall build

    Hi Ken, there is nothing to forgive ;) So which system do you have? Is it this one? And this is that U3A1-50P-A module: Pls confirm or make some pics. If you have that module than this has an active electronics inside and the output voltage is in the range you mentioned. To...
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    Kens's diy powerwall build

    Hi Ken, nice to hear from you about your project with Victron and BYD B-Box. In other thread Daromer told you all the basics about mixing the chimestries of battery cells. It is realy a matrix of dependencies you have to watch for: differnt voltage levels, differnt charging curents, differnt...