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    USA based hybrid inverter?

    Just wanted to drop in and say I have LV2424's. I am set up in my RV with it, and absolutely love it. I am also building my dad a system based on the same, but his will be LiFePo4 based battery. Go for the MPPSolar, and you will not look back. The only bad part is that they are not UL...
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    MPP Solar USA

    I just ordered 2 LV2424's from them. I live in Utah, and they are in Utah. I got the packages the next day. Good experience, and highly recommended.
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    That is beautiful. My hats off to you good sir. Love the extremely clean look. I am still working on making mine clean looking. The pouch cells don't make for the cleanest look. And in my RV, I needed function before beauty as I needed power.
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    Chris's Build Thread

    Not part of any groups. I kind of gave up on a lot of social media. I am building mine out in packs. Each pack is 7S6P, and then each pack has its own bms and I am using active balancers on each pack as well. I had some very specific size requirements (dead space that wouldn't be used for...
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    Chris's Build Thread

    I ended up using the SPIM08 in my RV as well. Not with the same pack design, but used grommets and threaded rod to put the packs together in a 7S configuration. I used cheap chinese bms's that have worked well so far in protection. One of these days I will start a build thread. I just want to...