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    Batrium Watchmon4 in Node Red

    Hi I'm trying to use your flow but im getting an error and i think its to do with binary parser the section in each function right at the top has global.get('binary_parser'); my understanding it to do a get you must have this stored somewhere first, my assumption was that using npm install...
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    Esperyd Solar and powerwall system

    Hi Daniel Is your site down? been having issues getting to it for a few days now, would love to grab the iso from you Regards Boysie
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    Excel based RePackr

    here you go, interestingly each time i run it i get different results list i generated to test with is below 2641 2205 2470 2573 2377 2525 2024 2212 2446 2032 2502 2665 2162 2274 2629 2379 2102 2499 2677 2609 2651 2490 2264 2536 2422 2317 2282 2589 2434 2633 2015 2650 2300 2182 2639 2341 2393...
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    Excel based RePackr

    I just compared the results you get from the xls to repackr using some random generated cells mha between 2000 and 2700, no IR info and used the same list in repackr and they are no the same output, the xls gives packs with a lot of difference in mha, where as the website doesent, xls different...
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    Nickel Strip with Cell Level Fusing

    mine has arrived, but didn't think about how to cut the sections, in my case 8 cells long. I'm guessing tin snips but any other ideas?
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    excess energy for chargin batteries

    correct in the uk we get a FITs 50/50 deal meaning the system is locked under contract and any changes would break that contract. the bit being It allows for time shifting power, charging from solar, providing grid support, and exporting power back to the grid. <<< you are not allowed to...
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    excess energy for chargin batteries

    Hi I see a few threads about what people do with excess energy from solar and most seem to heat stuff up In my case I have a house with 4Kw solar array and with grid tie in and FITs contract, meaning my system can not change with out screwing up the FTIs so fitting a new inverter with a...