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    How to connect big lithium packs for the first time with different SOC

    Why not fully charge each individual pack first and then connect them…
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    A123 Lifepo4 - Pouch Cells - 20ah compacts

    These cells are amazing! I have them in one of my powerwalls!
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    Which fuses can be used for protection in the DC area for two directions

    i’d like to pick up this discussion again. as i do have 5 battery strings in parallel, which are monitored and controlled separately, i am looking for a safe but payable solution on dc breakers. in my setup i am switching and monitoring the negative pole of the battery. as discussed above, we...
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    Top Balancing with minimal gear - Flaws, please...

    It is so universal, you will need it for lots of other things as well
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    Top Balancing with minimal gear - Flaws, please...

    Go for an rc charger, eg imax knock off € 14,41 35% Off | HTRC iMAX B6 80W Battery Charger Lipo NiMh Li-ion Ni-Cd Digital RC IMAX B6 Lipro Balance Charger Discharger + 15V 6A Adapter I personally do prefer icharger, a bit more pricey but top quality.
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    Top Balancing with minimal gear - Flaws, please...

    Just put them in parallel and buy a 2 or 3 amp adjustable power supply for a few bugs, set it to 3,65 and let it go until amps are 0. alternatively go for a used one from craigs list or similar. Or get a used rc charger...
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    My DIY Battery setup 48v 100ah (8S1P) LiFePO4

    What did you pay all in all?
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    do I need four BMS's

    that is what we call a learning curve :D
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    do I need four BMS's

    I have 5 strings 14s80p, each controlled by one single 40a bms... my inverters do 150amp total in discharge mode and 105 amp in charge mode. All strings on is no issue in discharge mode, but when 2 bms switch off, it is too much for residual 3 bms... in my setup so far were no relays. It is...
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    do I need four BMS's

    I went the route with 5 china bms and now Im switching to 5 strings each with diybms and 5 large relays. Be aware that in case 4 of my 5 bms switched off, all load is running over one bms. This happened several times in my setup and burned all my bmses...
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    Looking for ideas

    My point is, that I would like to monitor 5 strings separately in order to find out when one pack becomes weak. having 14s400p will not be so easy to manage in that perspective... I think going forward with diy bms on the basis of an esp32 will be the right approach. batrium or other bms...
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    48V/280A LifePo4 powerwall - BMS recommendation

    You need something that controls voltage on cell level. Multiplus doesnt care about that, it just stops charging at the set voltage...
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    Liitokala chargers

    Where are you from?
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    48V/280A LifePo4 powerwall - BMS recommendation

    Be aware with this bms. Max charging Rate is 50Amp, even wehren discharge is 300 Amp!