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I am into almost anything electronic.

I am an avid computer builder, and also a small vehicle enthusiast. If you are getting around on some small creation of your own (electric, gas or otherwise) then you are lapping everyone in those stinking cars!

Not a big fan of programming, but then again i've found ways around it.

Currently in College studying a technical degree in cybersecurity. Basically it's an engineering degree with the super hard math and science stripped out and more real world skills.

Love to build, break and improve my own creations.

Have lived in michigan all my life. The great lakes are excellent vacation spots but the winters here are killer.

Made a ton of money reselling computer parts in the year of summer 2017, so I happen to know a thing or two about fixing, repairing and reselling computers.

Above all, don't be an ass. Of course the internet makes it very easy to read things out of context, so sometimes you come off as an ass even if you aren't trying to be.
Nov 11, 1998 (Age: 23)


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