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    Is it me, or....

    Just for the record I'm not complaining about the quality of info on this site or how easy or hard it is to find information. I was just giving my 2 cents on why people may not use the search feature. Personally I read the new posts every day and do go off on my own experiments. But I do...
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    Is it me, or....

    The problem with the search feature is it does not easily filter results.I just searched capacity testing and came up with 6 pages of stuff. Lots of info but hard to digest. I think a newbie section with the "Basics" would be an excellent addition.
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    Panasonic CGR18650 Cell Specifications

    Having never read a spec sheet before is this saying that to get optimal mAh you need to discharge at about 260 mA? Would discharging at higher currents dramatically decrease the capacity? I ask because I have a ton of these testing rather low but I'm discharging at around 500Ma.
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    Mike G: Weird Projects

    Sounds like fun. Looking forward to all the updates.
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    Thinking about opening an online store.....

    Looks interesting so far too bad I'm new and don't know what anything is for.
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    My Wall of Power

    That is very cool! What are the fuses you used?