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    Europe 250A 12V Bistabiles Relais, polarized latching relay

    EBAY LINK Hi, I am selling on eBay some of my Gruner 760M-R1A-B4R0Relays. They are polarised latching, if my English does it right. 250A at 12V with 50ms reaction time (+12V for 50ms "ON", -12V for 50ms "OFF"). 20 each. You can alsoask here if you need one, only shipping to Europe. I have...
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    Europe/Austria/Germany 18650 Tested sorted

    Hi. I am selling my cells up to 1900mAh on ebay (aprox 1000 tested cells). To all European/Austrian/German friends here. If you buy on ebayand tell me that you come from here, I can make 10% discount on every auction above 10. One auction is this one, ending in 12h. You can check the other...
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    Europe/Germany/Austria: Eltek Valere Flatpack2

    Hi. I have 4used Flatpack2 2000Watt 48V Powersupplies for sale. Perfect for 14S Charging. I tested them, default output is @ 53,5V with full Amps but with CANBUS commands one can set49-57V and 0-37Amps . I also have 2 complete...
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    Max Number of Cells per Longmon

    Hello dirnbeflo Florian. You sent me a private message, but disabled private message recievement. I can't send you an answer.
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    External limiting an GTIL2 SUN-1000G2 with raspberry

    Sorry for writing in german, but the following text is an answer to a private message of member @mondurlauber. He has disabled private messaging, so I can't answer him directly. I will do an answer here later in english with pictures of my actual solution (digital potentiometer on a Raspberry...
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    High secure PW from Austria.

    Hi, the next 13kWh are processed now. And because they will go to my mom, it hast to be extra extra safe. It starts with 1680 cells (still testing): Going to a new arrangement: That fits in 14 cases: They will go to 2 steel boxes of these: This time with Batrium...
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    Batterybox for 14S 120P (Austrian style)

    Here you can see the difference from 10 to 20kWh Powerwall, expanded on 1st June. The voltage drop in the night changes from: 4.07 - 3.72to4.08 - 3.88 Volts per cell pack or from 57 - 52 to 57 - 55 Volts for the whole system .
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    Batterybox for 14S 120P (Austrian style)

    fHere is a detail pic of the foil. Its a very robust one from a pond. The connectors a covered with this blue plastic thingies from 10Gb Ethernet SFPs
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    Batterybox for 14S 120P (Austrian style)

    For isolation the boxes are coated with 0,5mm plastic foil. Additional the contacts are covered with a plastic cap. I will do some detail pictures later on. Here is an update: 20kWh useable are now installed (24kWh on storage)
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    (Europe) 18650 Cells on ebay, Opus tested.

    [SELLING] (Europe) 18650 Cells on ebay, Opus tested. Hi, I am selling some of my lower capacity cells on eBay. Attachedis an external link to my eBay. If you need the description in english, please tell me. Shipment to europe other than Germany/Austria, I have to ask the parcel Service...
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    10 Pack Challenge!

    Ups, I didn't realize we have new rules to the 10Pack challenge, so I am sorry having 3 x 8-cell HP's (the very hard to open ones) and a Dell square - 8er pack in my challenge video. I wear only one glove, and this only for opening, then gloveless with blood :-) This means I have to redo my...
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    SUN 1000W 22-45V Grid Tie Inverter with Limiter

    Hello again. Now the SUN GTIL 1000W with Limiter has also to leave. 240+CustomsI paid 3 months ago. Now its for 222.- Euros. So I will sell it for 200. The unit is original including all packing + a little modification. There is a pot connector on the board that was not connected. I use the...
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    SOLD PIP4048 HS Austria/Germany/Europe

    No hacking, no Firmware upgrade.
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    SOLD PIP4048 HS Austria/Germany/Europe

    PAUSED UNTIL WEDNESDAY BECAUSE OF MANY REQUESTS Hi, I am selling a PIP4048 HS Inverter/Charger for 200 Euros. There are "Schuko" cables already connected to the PIPand aSerial Interface Cable included. It worked until last week as I got my "big" inverter. Itcan be controlled from a Micro...