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    Esperyd?s Raspberry PI project

    I also just run esp8266/32 and convert all my data to MQTT today. I have nothing left of the old software running to be honest. I have an rasp to host the local db data and then a remote in a datacenter that do all the work.
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    Selling 1000s of 18650s

    I got 1000s of 18650s tested. Many of them in packs already. 20kwh prebuilt 2*14s*80p packs and then another roughly 25kwh in other packs only assembled. Location in Sweden and i DO NOT ship them. Pickup only or arrange fetching. Im not giving them away but at same time they are decent price...
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    Esperyd?s Raspberry PI project

    I would highly recommend to install the software instead. The old images are OLD :)
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    Searching adaptive current charger following solar production

    Eltek chargers for instance can work. Then can be controlled externally.
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    Searching adaptive current charger following solar production

    No there aint. But a controllable charger and then a meter with a raspberry pi or an ESP chip and you can easily build it your self :)
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    Dala's EVNX buildthread (1991 Nissan NX)

    Good work. You are Dala from locost forum in swe right? :)
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    First Pack Build help

    When having those longer wires from the BMS its common to fuse yes. The shorter wires that some BMS systems use ahre so thin so they act as the fuse if something goes wrong. It have been discussed quite alot and when having that long leads to the bms you need to have thicker leads for not...
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    Is it OK to use low voltage recovered cells

    First of all the definition of low voltage. Belo 3v is not low voltage. Manufactures state that down to 2.5 for many of them is totally fine. Below 2.5 is where you should be cautious. I would not 1. Care about 0.1 or 0v cells any more. The yield is very very low unless its manufacturer error...
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    Am I being too cautious?

    Only cheap controllers do you need to do that on. A proper controller will meassure correctly from the start.. And high end ones got sense wires even to get it even better. My controller may be 0.2V away but thats at 300A going through the wires and thats the voltage drop in the wires. The BMS...
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    Parallell fusing

    As said a BMS does not replace a fuse/breaker.
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    Battery balance and BMS with balanicing function

    reach a certain voltage and the current is basically 0 and there is no current between the cells. Thats when you have it fully top balanced.
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    Can I run this box fan off these solar panels? [240W Panels > 140W Fan]

    Yeah a DC/DC converter after the solar panel will work fine in most cases. Just beware of how a solar panel works when you take to much from it :) It will drop in voltage like any battery.. See the solar panel as an unreliable battery that will have its moods (Clouds and or night time)
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    Battery balance and BMS with balanicing function

    Who says you need 2 weeks? You need a total input so that all cells get to equal state of charge. You can have a generator powered by a bike, solar, grid or a generator or even your car. It doesnt have to run continously. You can start and stop it every 5 minutes if you like. It just takes...
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    Battery balance and BMS with balanicing function

    No you should top balance them. Get something that can output the top voltage. Best and easiest way