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    Panasonic NCR18650B Cell Specifications

    Looks like the datasheet link is dead..
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    Sony US18650GR (G8) Cell Specifications

    I pulled these out of a 2s3p HP HSTNN-OB41 pack that was rated 55 Wh at 7.2V nominal. That indicates only 2.18Ah per cell at the 8.4V max, I am not sure the 2.6Ah rating is true..
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    FST 20650-3350mAh Cell Specifications

    Link may be broken or invalid.
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    Woah! Used laptop pricing up up and away

    I have purchased a few new cells from, they appear to be focused on the vaping market but appear to be brand name cells for $3-5 per cell.. The Samsung 25R's are $3.13 for any quantity
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    Is my fear of Sanyo* rational?

    Certain Sanyo's seem to be much more problematic than others. The ones with a purple insulator ring have the worst record. The heater issue is part of the reason why I invested in the SkyRC MC3K as it has a rock solid thermal management system and cut-off per cell. My rule if it heats I let...
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    Are these cells ok to use?

    Nope.. Nope.. The metal casing isn't that thick and the rust is a deal breaker. If they are less than 3V I put in recycle bin. If they somehow still hold a charge I discharge at ~200 mA (only if can be done safely) and put in the recycle bin.
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    Foxnovo F-4S or Opus BT-3400 V.3.1 Help

    Yup, you can get the quite inexpensive BT-C3100, or almost 2 of them for $60 if you find the right deal. Just remember that it will over-report the mAh capacity by ~250 for cells over ~1000 mAh.
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    Prismatic cells

    Great to see some use, these things are definitely not as friendly to the 'professional hobbyist' as the cylindrical cells. I always thought those very flat ones were pouch / polymer cells and the prismatic cells ware the steel encased cells shaped like a Zippo lighter (with casing being...
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    Cooling battery packs

    You could rig up a series of Peltier coolers and fans to vent the heat outside and blow the cold air over the battery packs. Perhaps configure it only for higher draw days or very hot ambient conditions. Just search Amazon or youtube for Peltier coolers, neat devices and can be run on your...
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    New Video: Sanyo 18650 Cells Tests

    I beleive it says "SANYO" or "R1122" are markings required by law in Korea. On most Sanyos there is also a 4 character code under embossed under the model number. e.g.) 'N41B = October 9, 2009 production
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    New Video: Sanyo 18650 Cells Tests

    I saw this posted on another flashlight battery forum.. They claim it explains the 4 character code after the model number..
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    Sony US18650VT Cell Specifications

    I just pulled 6 of these from a Dyson vacuum pack so I suspect a fairly high Max draw. It was 21.6 V / 1080 mAh and 23.5 Wh,.. cables in the pack were 16AWG. Mine are the 'T11' versions.... The interweb suggests they are 1100 mAh and rated for max 1C (10A) continuous draw down to a 2.5V cut.
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    wii conroller converted

    You should be able to fit a tiny 1s protection module in there... even one of the tily disc-type for single cells..
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    Very odd finding on recycled laptop batteries

    This could be an old cell with a high internal resistance. I have had many that hold an excellent voltage but are incapable of supplying 1A during the test. This is especially true if the resting voltage recovers significantly at the end of a CC discharge. You may find that if you test at 500...
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    Opus 2.8 vs Bmax 3.0 discharge testing

    This biggest difference with the iMax B6 and the OPUS is the CC/CV discharge in the imax and CC discharge in the Opus. I would also say stick with the same device for the duration. As this is a hobby, I decided to invest in the SkyRC MC3K unit to fully control the testing (yes it is $90 USD...