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    Grid tie transfer switch

    Good morning all from sunny UK (today at least) Sorry been away a few months, ebike builds have taken up almost all of my time.. I have finally managed to get enough usage usage estimations from my current set up to start and build my whole home battery backup system. I know that we use a...
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    Charging a 12s battery can you do this?

    Yes you can but I don't recomend doing that unless you are closely monitoring each cell string voltage so that none go above 4.21v If the pack is out of balance it will just keep charging till it hits the 50.4 volts This can mean that an out of balance pack can push some cells above the...
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    Behaviour of cells in parallel take 2

    I will openly admit, after seeing that video on YouTube that the cells are providing different current from the different capacities cells, my theory was flawed.. I was working on the assumption that the loads are equal from each cell, which would in theory drain each cell equally, which makes...
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    [FREE FREE FREE] More Assorted Cells

    Shame you are not in the UK, I have just had an ebike battery come in for repair with NCR18650PF cells that seems to be dropping voltage... Still got to finish testing cells to see if only a few are off... But the plan at the moment is to recell with LG MJ1 and give a higher capacity pack...
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    Buggy convertion project

    If I were quoting and building the pack, I would be asking the following questions 1: what is the space that you have available to fill with cells for a pack? 2: what is the rating of the controller... 3000W at 72v is around 42A, is that Peak or continuous? I have designed batteries for ebikes...
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    Charging a 12s battery can you do this?

    I used to do this with 6s RC Charger... It is a Pain in the Arse to do but yes it can.... I advise adding the balance leads though so that the RC Charger will Balance up the cells.... The other option i use is a MingHe BST 900w and a computer power supply, i have even done this with a 42V 5A...
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    Selling 10-30A rated refurbished and new Genuine A grade 18650 cells 60€/KWh sold out

    From China makes me very suspicious, especially after my conversations with some of the suppliers that eventually when questioned on why so cheap, admitted that they were clones or rewrapped grade B or Grade C cells That has made me steer clear of the Chinese market for cells unless i can get...
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    What your cell looks like inside

    Samsung 35E with max continuous discharge or 8-10A Or LG MJ1 with 8-10A max discharge Both are between 3400 and 3500mAh I use those for lower power ebike batteries to give max range Note that these cells are quite good but degrade quickly at close to max discharge and any charge more than...
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    only cells in particular position is discharging. Why?

    No worries, send pic of reconfigured pack when completed
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    only cells in particular position is discharging. Why?

    This took a while to find... But here is what eventually happens when a string is connected to a single nickel strip... This was a reputable brand name battery that came in for repair...
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    Some Ebike Battery Porn - A few builds

    Yes i build for others, As long as you build your packs to be as safe as possible then thats all you can do.... You cant stop people being stupid.
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    only cells in particular position is discharging. Why?

    The easiest way to redo this without a total dismantle would be to Disconnect the single series connections that are grey.... Connect series Red... and then use 3 x 14AWG pref 12AWG at the bottom... Blue... if you connect all series like the top set of red you will get good current flow. Also...
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    only cells in particular position is discharging. Why?

    From the Pictures of your battery pack, when you are discharging, can you feel where the series connectors are, are they getting warm? Although building a pack that way will work, its not advised to have 1 single connection to each series string... I know this is probably going to be a pain...
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    Need more miles for battery

    No worries Floyd... You were right though the mAh is way too high that they advertise, they are calculating it at 3.5Ah per x the 30 that are in... Its actually 35Ah