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    Lurker from south carolina

    Batteryclearing often has tool battery packs. just search the site for tool there are more there. If i was starting a 18650 powerwall I would look at these ...
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    What's the difference between charge controller and buck converter? For microgeneration

    While the site is a good resource for the most part. The thing that gets me is they can't even get the abbreviation right. Case in point afaik there is no Lithium phosphate4 chemistry right above this they mention Lithium Iron Phosphate from the looks of things they haven't update the Page in...
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    batteryhookup nickel fuse

    A single 18650 can put out many more amps than they are rated for. I believe Lithiumsolar did a yt on the dead chort amps of an 18650 but I couldn't find it. Later floyd
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    Esperyd?s Raspberry PI project

    You might try to contact daromer in Later floyd
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    Inverter input voltage and battery design

    Go 14s less stress on the battery many 48v inverters still are based on lead acid which can be near 60v down to 42v 14s gets you to 57.4v- 50.4v. The Less work the inverter has to do. 3.6v-4.1v Later floyd
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    Nissan Leaf Modules - wanted NSW Australia

    To PM someone click the envelope next to your nick at top of the screen (Conversations) new name for PM then click on start new conversation Later floyd
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    DIY 18650 charger/tester
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    Comparing LG CHEM LGX JH3 salvaged from a RESU and the LG CHEM LGX JH3 sold by EVwest

    All I know is the RESU10H ( the one with a boost converter) has 60A fuses before the boost converter. The RESU10H has a 10 sec maxrate of 7000 Watts which is less than 60A later floyd
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    Building first small battery pack, ESR question

    ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) is the internal resistance present in any cell that limits the amount of peak current it can deliver. In short IR The IR reported by the xtar is calculated using the dc method iirc, it may not be as accurate as an IR meter such as the YR1030+,1035+, SM8812A...
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    Nickel Iron batteries

    Lithium Tinanate datasheet so LT) has many of the same properties as NiFe batteries. long life being the key one 30,000 cylce life time works out to be 82 years<edit>@1 cycle per day. < first datasheet I found. I saw...
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    Nickel Iron batteries

    Lifetime as in 40+ years. Nickel Iron battery often lasts in excess of 40 years later floyd off grid in Chicago 2001 don't know if this guy is still around but interesting reading
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    26 AWG solid silver-plated OFHC copper wire as a fuse?

    If the wire is plated with silver (not nickel plated or tin plated) the wire will likely conduct more Amps as silver is one of the better conductors. So will conduct higher Amps before heating up in theory. Later floyd
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    Reviving an undercharged BYD 11kWh pack

    I agree probably too low voltage. I would charge the battery probably at least 3.2v per cell . Is the breaker a shunt trip breaker? later floyd
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    48V pack for BBSHD (1000W motor) using 18650 2550mah Cells Molicel

    I would use escooter/ebike cells such as these
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    Anyone know of a settable solar charge controller under $500

    Nanophosphate® lithium iron phosphate?or something else? Later Floyd