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    3 months error

    Suggest perhaps making it so only OP can resurrect an old thread?
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    Fan or heater

    If you over-charge a lithium chemistry battery, it will explode. They cannot dissipate excess charge as heat.
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    My little Flashlight--or me bragging...

    Commander Keen's ray gun? Great little project!
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    1973 Leyland Mini S to EV Conversion

    Ice cube trays work a treat. Just make sure your screwdriver is magnetic, so you can pick up the screws. Then if you need to put the job away, you can simply pack the whole tray up. edit: The main purpose, is that I organize parts either or the order that I removed them, or in positions...
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    Cleaning cells

    I would defiantly remove the shrink and see what is going on. I would consider using clear shrink when re-wrapping so you can observe if there is a leak. With all lithium batteries, I subscribe to the 'if in doubt, throw it out' policy.
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    Wooden cell holder

    There are a few disadvantages. Wood has a tendency to crack. Wood can absorb moisture, and if the voltage is high enough, arcs can cause wood to burn, leaving a more conductive path behind. Building pack holders, or shelves for batteries out of wood makes sense, if you find it easier to work...
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    Mining bios where to find it?

    I personally wouldn't flash the BIOS. You will void your warranty. Instead, do some mining benchmarks, and use something like MSI afterburner, to downclock the card till you find your sweet spot. Using an amp clamp on the PCI-E power connector is a good way to measure power consumption. Then if...
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    Cell Database Submissions and Updates

    Photos? Perhaps a fake?
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    electric scooter battery powerpack - mixing cells

    Mixing cells in high drain packs is not ideal. You will need to match capacity and internal resistance as closely as possible. This is more for the sake of the cells, than the sake of your safety.
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    Capacity test many 26650 LiFePo4 cells?

    There is the ZB2L3 if you want to go the DIY route. It is also has a 3a maximum load. Another place to look is Google USB load tester. According to some YouTube reviews some of them are quite good.
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    BAK 18650C4 Cell Specifications

    Datasheet -,CA,CC,CH,CE,CB,FL,CC,CIL,CK,CC,CFP,CD_Specification_Sheet.pdf
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    Battery Fire (and probable cause)

    This is an interesting possibility. Given that the cell vented from the side and not from the top. Even the fact that it caught fire in the first place. It really should not be possible if the cell is fitted with proper protection.
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    capacity testing Large format cells See Pages 3 &18
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    Big Hello from Sydney Australia

    Defiantly worth contacting your local scrap yard. Or ask your local sparky. Sometimes they will sell you some off-cuts for pretty much scrap price.
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    Tesla Module Overdischarge

    Personally, I would remove a couple of cells, and test them first. Charge them slowly, capacity test them, then cycle them a few times. Check for self discharge. Having no experience with these batteries, I don't know if this is possible without dismantling the whole thing. In which case you...