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    Glass fuse VS car fuse

    IF there was battery packholder system with replacablefuses, would you prefer: Glass fuses OR Car fuses
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    power cost in your area

    exactly!! i would like to add the following: a 100 dollars today isn't worth a 100 dollars in 10 years. correct for inflation and interest rates. however, hardware and investments depcreciate in quality and need replacing. factor this into your cost-benefit analysis.
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    Tested 18650 cells, in boxes of 100/200/300/400/500 cells

    The supplier is pretty closeby to my hometown, like 30mins drive. I'm thinking of buying cells of them also. Can someone say something about the source of cells? are there generic/ off-brand cells mixed in? can you ask for a specific brand to be sent? how many cells out of your buy have been...
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    SoC% false accuracy? State of Charge

    I just read this on Battery University Source 1: Source 2: " The EBM (electronic battery monitor) works well when the battery is new but most sensors do not adjust correctly to aging. The SoC...
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    BMS on Tesla Powerwall

    What BMS of type of BMS does Tesla use in their powerwall(s)? im curious how they do it.
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    Andre's little powerwall project

    Hoi Andr, kun je iets zeggen over je aanpak/strategie e-bike batterijen verwerven? wie, wat, waar? betaal er voor en hoeveel? groet, Jan-Willem