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    Kia Niro Phev battery

    If you remember any links, please drop them over.. they seem to be going very cheap - must be something dodgy :)
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    Kia Niro Phev battery

    A while ago I was considering a Outlander battery pack for use at home however I’ve come across many Niro packs that are much cheaper. Has anyone here used one of those?
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    18650 stash

    Yes they are still sitting unused :)
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    Used solar panels

    No idea about vinyl either however it seems to be a good deal. I am using used panels and I am getting decent output. 245W 7+ year old panel often giving a peak of 100%. I have only install 4x 245W on a near flat roof (8 Degree) and its generating 1 - 3kWh on an average. Peak has been 3.6kWh
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    UK - How I cut my Electric bill with Octopus Energy

    All proper instals get registered for SEG. Octopus pay 5.5 / kWh. Having said that I notified my DNO and I got notification approval which implies I should be eligible for SEG. I've asked Octopus about it now not that I have much to export at the moment.
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    Has anyone imported wholesale solar panels ? (UK/EU)

    I have seen pallets on eBay from UK / EU sellers too. They cost anywhere from 2k to 3k. I have installed used panels and they seem to be generating decent amount very close to peak at times.
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    Ion battery recycling !!!

    Sounds like a good plan. Did you get any further on this ?
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    [SOLD ]Victron Multiplus 48/5000/70 - 30 units

    I ordered something from eBay that was dispatched from Germany. It took almost a week to get it delivered that was on DHL 48 hour shipment
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    PV phase 1 complete

    I felt the joists under the felt and adjusted the brackets correctly. It feels good seeing it work. Sure so far it has only generated enough to power dishwasher but better that than nothing right?
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    PV phase 1 complete

    I used angle grinder like you did on the latter tiles. For the top row I tried to use a tile file. I might pull them out and redo them in coming months as we are discussing small extension over that roof ? The joist screws from my supplier were a bit better
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    PV phase 1 complete

    Using Clenergy univeral roof brackets - the company i used also have easy mount rail but i decided to reuse original rail that came with the panels. The original rail The mid / end clamp The mounted panels Top view The inverter When going the 4th and last panel I...
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    PV phase 1 complete

    I managed to install 4x 250w secondlife panels earlier this week and wired the Growatt 1500s yesterday. Considering it was very miserable for most of the day, it was good to see it generating enough for background usage for an hour today The router is mounted on external wall and I added WiFi...
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    Are there cheap DIY methods for producing solar power?

    Energy audit is always good idea. I was asking about air source heat pump and was told I need energy efficiency certificate. In UK, if you install heat pump, the government pays renewal heat incentive which equates to the cost of the system installed after 7-10 years. If the surface temperature...
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    Are there cheap DIY methods for producing solar power?

    I'm doing a DIY install if that counts. Purchased used panels Installing brackets to mount 4 panels to start with. 1.5kW inverter + brackets cost 300 so far. Panels 200 for 14x 250w We shall see how it goes beyond phase 1
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    Growatt 1500s

    I was told that it should already be set but I will double check before installation.