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    SimpBMS, CerboGX, VictronSmartShunt - no current reading for BMS?

    Hi all, If you want a current reading on your GX device, you can use a SmartShunt and set this as battery monitor. this way your smartshunt does the Current measurement and SOC calculations. using DVCC the BMS still controls the charge / discharge etc. The SimpBMS has no way of knowing what...
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    Tesla Battery Modules 3Kwh

    These are -very- nice and easy to use! perfect for 24 or 48 volt systems. Note that the BMS is compatible with the Model S/X BMS, and you can use Tom de Bree's SimpBMS Just one note: be very careful handling the modules, as it is very easy to damage the fuse-wires when carrying them (they're...
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    Samsung SDI cell - 22Ah - EU - Austria - LiFePO4

    Don't forget to mention these are LiFePO4 cells!!
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    Opinions on this BMS

    are you sure you have the correct version? (LiFePO4 - 3.2V)
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    Opinions on this BMS

    These work very well, they turn on a little bit high for my liking , but well within battery manufacturers specs I actually use them in conjunction with a 'normal' bms. if you have 8s or higher, these work -very- well, starting to bleed a little bit at 3,47V and go full bleed (1A IIRC) at about...
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    BYD or other Lifepo4 Cells Wanted

    It may help if you post your location ;)
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    Tesla Battery Modules - Used with Warranty

    Little side note for everyone handling Tesla batteries: Please drain the coolant!!! I see it leaking on the pictures... best practise: -blow out 90% of the coolant while the modules are in the pack -blow out the rest from every module (use the coolant lines from the battery for this) -cap the...