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    Battery sorting

    YEAH a HUGE difference! Experience is a big teacher and found out an idea I had is definitely not viable, at least not with cheap holders. I made up a "battery bank" of 20 cells, (ones I won't be using in a powerwall coz they're below acceptable specs), and used the little black plastic...
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    Battery sorting

    Thanks Wolf, appreciate the useful feedback... I am not a high power user, I have (on my bill) my last 3 months of use @ just 51Kw for the whole period, rough estimate is therefore just 15Kw/Mth meaning 1/2 - 3/4Kw/Day, not a real power user lol I will definitely be going completely off grid...
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    Battery sorting

    thanks, question still unanswered
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    Battery sorting

    After spending many months testing around 1,000 batteries, I sorted them into mAh test results, from 2400+ right down to "1011 (the crappy batteries from tool packs.)" The lower mAh batteries I'll use in torches toys whatever, midrange place back into 2 laptops and 2 scooters I have and the...
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    Hi from Australia

    Awesome man, 2 of my kids go to the new(ish) Balcombe Grammar.... 71 wow I was 15 :D
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    Results of Capacity Testing 18650s for 1,600+ Cycles

    Wow I read the first page of comments and I think it took me towards an hour, but reading six pages is out for now lol Great to see someone with the mental stamina to do so many tests over sooooo long, how's your brain doing now? For my powerwall project I just finished charging and testing...
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    Hi from Australia

    G'Day from Rosebud on the Mornington Peninsula in Vic. mate.
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    Moli Energy ICR-18650M Cell Specifications

    Mike I searched for this cell as I received it in a lot of cells I bought from a Gumtree listing. It tested the BEST among the cells I have at 2546maH (on my XTAR Dragon VP4 Plus tester/charger) so I was curious. I have taken pics of it as it doesn't say MOLI it says MOLICELL ICR18650J 044...
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    Where Did You Find Us?

    :D I'm sure Peter mentioned you guys, but I kept finding you doing searches on battery id's in goGGles ;) I'm another Oz resident, way down south east about 100 kays from Melbourne in Victoria. Usually I use the name Leader when joining something however this time I am near the bottom and...