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    Kokam LTO 55 AHr size pouch cells

    WTB: Kokam/Altairnano Lithium Titanate (LTO) pouch cells to add to existing battery pack. I'm looking for up to 30-40 pouches of the 50-70 AHr size (10" x 10" x 1/2" thick). Preferably not puffy, and with terminal tabs in good shape. Will pay for shipping to AZ. Even three or four of these cells...
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    SMA SI6048US-10 transformer rating

    I opened the back of one of my (ex-DC Solar) 6000 watt inverters, just for grins, and found this: [img=1127x795] A little research revealed that dtw Magnetics in Poland partnered with SMA in the early 2000's, and was bought out by them in 2011. My inverters were built in 2017, but apparently...
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    capacity testing Large format cells

    A couple of years ago I tested 400+ LTO pouches, 55 AHr each, using this discharge tester: [img=800x600] Sourced from ebay; same vendor no longer active, but similar units still available for under US$20 each. I bought 16 of them and mounted in pairs, all powered from one lab power supply...
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    Batrium Watchmon Elite/6 - LTO Chemistry?

    I hope it's OK to resurrect this older thread on WatchMon 6. So would WatchMon Elite (6) work for an LTO chemistry (1.8-2.6 VpC), 24S, ~1000 AHr bank? The description on their web page seems to state 14S only, meaning NOT 12S for example. Seems odd? Not sure I'll need the heavy active...
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    DIYBMS v4 thoughts

    Newcomer here; first post. Looks like some great work going on here! I've been planning my PV+storage system for over two years, slowly collecting components. Here's my question: Can any such BMS with individual cell monitor/balance boards ever work with LTO chemistry? VpC tends to range from...