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    Lurker from south carolina

    They're more expensive
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    Welcome to the forum Harry! :)
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    Hello from Madison, Alabama

    Nice to meet you Chris, welcome to the forum :)
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    In-situ 18650 heater cell detection

    ops, sorry, I meant Dallas DS18B20 (suggested to me by @Wolf). Very smart TO-92, I imagine you do know it; I cascaded a series of them and read temperatures on a single Arduino/ESP8266 pin, and that is a great feature. > I have a number of "drop" temperature sensors but they are simple...
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    In-situ 18650 heater cell detection

    Oh this is a nice project. I don't know LM75, I use LM35. For a high numbers of cells could a "drop" temperature sensor, the ones you find in notebooks batteries, be more cost-effective (maybe with a lower accuracy in measurements)?
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    Hello From Canada

    Sorry, can't help you in Silicon Valley. If you can't find anybody there, you could maybe consider looking for a tester in a nearby city and shipping the cells. P.S. This is "Introduction" forum for presentations, @Korishan move to "General Project, Battery, and Electrical" forum?
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    Advice needed with solar setup

    Another thing to keep into consideration is house wiring if you'll be connecting solar to the house (connecting inverter's AC output to the house electricity panel). Be sure wires have sufficient diameter to carry the current coming out of the inverter. My 14AWG house wiring can't carry the 5KW...
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    Question about making a battery

    Hi there Beylian, welcome. How @Korishan said, for heavy loads like a motor you need power cells, cells that can give for e.g. 20Ah. A laptop battery doesn't need to give huge current and normally uses so called energy cells. If you go in the "Cell Data & Specification" forum you can find...
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    First build I know it’s not the nicest

    Congrats! Can't see any MCB, but it looks good up and running!
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    ACS712-30A meltdown, careful!

    Yes, that green connector... Haven't really seen other kind of connectors other than this one, didn't search much though. Uhm, from January I'll be using ACS712 to measure other points in the house (oven, washing machine, dish washer and 2nd floor distribution box). What's good, well, for me...
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    Mounting 18650 cell packs on DIN rails

    I like reading about different ways of managing cells and holders. I'm sure you can get good results using DIN rails, I already knew about Adam Welch's project, my interest for lithium cells is thanks to him, too (thanks Adam!). My concerns, in general, about big groups of cells are the...
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    ACS712-30A meltdown, careful!

    I've been using ACS712 modules for a bit of time now, very nice boards, good for both AC and DC current measurements. There's three versions of the chip: 5A, 10A and 30A. I bought a bunch of 30A modules to use them with microcontrollers. One of my first long posts here in the forum was a...
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    Cell Database Submissions and Updates

    Look like typical unbranded/noname cells. Maybe under the wrapping there could be some other info.
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    Hi there Maher and welcome to you! :)
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    Hello Hello everyone!

    Welcome FA! I bet you'll find the info you need :)