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    E-Go Kart 18650 Pack - Cell fuses or nickel strips?

    what motor are you going to use?
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    Glubux's Powerwall

    I like the colors. This is my colors:
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    Foxnovo F-4S or Opus BT-3400 V.3.1 Help

    If you want to go super budget mode get some tp4056 to charge the batteries and thoose cheap $3 discharge testers you can find on ebay . Not sure how accurate thoose testers are though.
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    buying original cells

    This ebay seller offers good price about $0.80 a cell if you message them and ask to buy in bulk.
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    Quality Samsung cells

    I pulled about 216 cells from the same type of laptop batteries. They were about 40% sanyo and 60% Samsung. Nearly all the sanyo were bad are very low capacity while a lot of the Samsung batteries were good.