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    Creating a spare pack

    I have 1 spare sitting at 3.8V that i can easily get charged or Discharged similar to the rest of a string to swap out for errors. I also like to have more strings (packs of 7 cells in series) and have the ability to take down a Pack without loosing power totally
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    Wolf's PowIRwall

    Very Nice Wolf
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    Expanding Li battery (Nissan Leaf)

    The Other thing you can do is pre test each Cell (pair of cells) for capacity and Build your next battery with balance in mind from the get go. Match each cell as best as possible and then you will need little balancing.
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    Wolf's PowIRwall

    Nice Wolf!!!!
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    heating solar panels????wt*......

    Kinda Similar to deicing fluid on planes. Even like a car windshield sprayer just enough to help start the melting.
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    What are some practical techniques for sorting cells in bulk quickly?

    the Capacity tests are my active packs capacity. For these packs in service they are held to 4.05V to 3.6V per cell but for the most part their cycle depth is really shallow. The cells tested were sitting for 6 months held a set voltage of 3.8V set by a digital voltage PS that I have...
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    Da, Da Da DAda Taaaaaaa

    Da, Da Da DAda Taaaaaaa
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    What are some practical techniques for sorting cells in bulk quickly?

    100% Agree Wolf. I have batteries that I have tested good Let sit a Month and are still good. After sitting for 6 months some are showing some self discharge. I realize that is kinda going overboard but all my built packs using the above method are still 97% the same capacity 2 years...
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    I think I found the issue... HEATERS!

    Huh that is kinda opposite of I would have thought. I was thinking that lower capacity packs would bypass more since they would reach higher voltage sooner it would start to bypass. but yes after changing packs one would need to backup the data then reset it to get an Idea of the Health...
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    Hello from Toronto

    Hi and Congrats on getting into this fun hobby
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    I think I found the issue... HEATERS!

    Wow are all these packs bee online the same amount of time? Some of those have massive bypass numbers
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    Toyota Camry Hybrid Battery

    depends on the Year but they used NIMH cells not Lithium just fyi
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    i think i found my perfect solution

    Why 9 Inverters? 45KW??? that's an insane amount of Current.
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    lightweight electric lawn mower

    Here in canada we have the Mastercraft Brand from Canadian Tire and I have their 40V 19" wide cut lithium powered lawnmower. It's nice and light and collapses down to a small size. was $299 CAD and is a very nice lawnmower. brushless design that will speed up if it encounters thick grass and I...
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    Holding the cells together in trays

    I drill holes in the black area's of the Holders and over the Bus bars. (Bus bars are 3 strands of 14awg copper) then that holds the pack together