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    Details for Yinlong LTO 66160 ?

    Lifetime Cycles 3650 so far , ~ 5 years Charging setup - car alternator - smart charger Charge time - depends on vehicle -- Batteries can do 10C for 80% BMS none --- Active balancer only JimJr
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    Signs you may have a lithium addiction problem

    Don't worry it's only a mild infection , You can see still see the desk top.
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    My adventures building a Zinc-Bromine battery

    Hello I do not wish to make these type of batteries , but willing to possible help. The most of the problem are similar to the metal plating industry , they want smooth even plated surface, no dendrites They use: 1) A surface-cant similar to "Dawn dish soap " to make smaller H2 bubbles and...
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    super board at work

    Ooops, I maybe proficient at alot of things ,but grammar is poor at best JimJr.
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    Anything useful?

    Using a 3 phase contactor will work for a while, but each leg , with rest of the connections on the inside are rated for 9 amps each. If one of the contact points fails, the other two will over heat and possible melt the plastic housing , leading to catastrophic failure of contactor . I...
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    super board at work

    Just watch out for the need for the "State" license for scraping cars , the average consumer is not aloud to do this. I was in Hawaii a few years back and wondered why there was alot of scrap cars lying around in the countryside and the locals said that you needed a license to take them...
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    Hi from Hannover Germany

    Noticed that you may have used ceramic fiber board as a liner, good for 1425 C for along period of time . If you used drywall it only has a 1/2 hour rating and the concrete blocks will crack and explode soon after the fire starts , because of moisture in them So far it looks well made. You...
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    Ion battery recycling !!!

    Somebody has been drinking the kool aid , I am for recycling and keeping the planet livable. I have been recycling since I was @7 years old, am 61 now. The people on this board buy used batteries that they decide on what will give them the best bang for the buck, (pun intended ) :D They will...
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    Fire Safe Cabinet

    I was referring to my partner in the magic smoke department , John Murphy ------- Murphy's Law :D :D :D :D :D Jim jr
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    Fire Safe Cabinet

    Read the pdf. The container sized fire storage looks like a hell on earth occurrence :D . Maybe they should adopt the fireworks storage with high earthen walls to prevent fire radiating to adjacent containers. jimjr
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    Fire Safe Cabinet

    The fire proof cabinet can be vented to the outside with stainless steel double wall furnace pipe . With silicon sealer to prevent backing up into the inside room.The sealer will also prevent any additional oxygen imput to the fire :idea: Jimjr
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    Fire Safe Cabinet

    Apparently, you never have seen one , the file cabinet variety only have a labyrinth seal of non burnable material , no pressure buildup Jim jr
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    Fire Safe Cabinet

    Possibility of a fire proof file cabinet they have one hour rating and are sealed ? I have one 4 drawer I use for my LTO's JimJr
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    Mini DC UPS packs

    Jokingly - Nooobody here knows what the magic smokes is , we like ozone,bright lights and burnt nose hair. the other guy did it. :D