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    Best way to improve lithium ion battery charging via solar panels

    Sounds like you need more solar capacity. 350w is only going to go so far. Getting more panels is going to far more for your output then cleaning them. If they're not in a dusty environment then the effect will be minimal. I hardly ever clean mine.
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    60kW Whole House Powerwall build

    Love the build! How quickly does the ATS in the panel switch? Does anything shut off while its switching?
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    Sudden dishcarge

    So here I am dismantling laptop battery packs and when I grab the next set of cells to disassemble I notice that some of the cells are much warmer than ambient temps. I had only removed the cells from the plastic battery shell. I hadn't started to disconnect all of the cells from each other yet...
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    price buying "recycled" packs

    That does sound pretty high. I've seen plenty of people selling tested cells for $1 USD per cell for ~2000 mAH. I wouldn't pay more then $0.50 per untested cell and preferably it would be less then $0.30 per cell. I'd say try to find another source.
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    Sparky! My battery testing station + 3D printed cell holders

    That looks awesome. 3D printing definitely seems to have it uses.
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    I have a battery tester that uses a micro USB cable for its power. I wanted to solder wires to it for power instead so I poked it with a multi meter a few times to find the positive and negative inputs. On my device the negative is the port itself and the positive is a small spot on the bottom...
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    Safety protocols

    Does the first cell have an actual hole? If it does I'd dispose of it quickly. It might be fine or it might not. The second one is perfectly fine to use. Most of my cells have come from hover board batteries which were hard to disassemble without sparks. I did it more times than I care to admit...
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    Dave's Build Thread

    Power output will be throttled back as the cells near capacity. An easy way to test if this is happening is to put a load on the system. The power generation should increase by the size of the load.
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    Pack assembly

    This has been discussed a lot. If you look at the build threads the vast majority of people are using fuses because it offers protection that nickel strips doesn't. You could use them on the negative side and fuse the positive side, or use nickel strip as a bus bar with fuses attached to it and...