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    What your cell looks like inside

    yet another crap cell variant. over 3600mah=B.S under 45g is suspicious too. have not seen the powder filled ones in a while. they must have gotten rid of the rest of the toxic drywall dust by now.
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    Device recommendation-Samsung INR18650-20R

    25r is a safe bet. btw that looks like a very common tool pack. lots of brands with only key tabs to differentiate. easy to fix with a dremel.
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    Disposable e-cig li-ion batteries

    i find those same cells in devices that are designed to be recharged. rather wasteful to use in disposables. i tell folks all the time to save them as the cells are useful. top voltage is 4.2v
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    PSA Ninja Batt

    lg cells with that style print are getting pretty old now. those are hardly new. well you voided any warrenty it probably didnt have :-)
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    Where Did You Find Us?

    while researching battery data. found the cell database via search engine.
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    Rebuilding B&D Pivot Vac Battery, Cell Questions

    they are a 1500mah 15a continuous cell. and probably old age and an application that dumps them in about 5 minutes. i would replace with these. those are my go to for tool pack rebuilds. just rebuilt some...
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    Anyone know anything about these strange little fellas?

    i stuff them in 3aaa side by side items along with a tp4056 board.
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    Refurbishing a 1980 Yamaha SR500

    i have rebuilt a bunch of bikes myself. got a goldwing tore down right now. getting that tank fixed is first. as long as its shedding crud you wont keep a carb working very long. i tear the carb down and remove any plastic. then soak in hydro seal or berrymans carb dip. blast it out with air...
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    Aluminum Box for 18650s - Fireproof?

    you also want to vent it outside in such a way that if there is a catastrophic failure the resultant blowtorch possible at the end of the vent wont ignite anything. tight enclosure=bomb.
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    MPP Solar PIP-5048MG Inverter Repair Attempt

    enough energy to blast that diode=dead driver opto. and likely other parts. on high cost parts jobs i replace everything. then test via dim bulb. idea is to have enough resistance in circuit to limit current if something gets latched up . a bulb does that and serves as an indicator.
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    MPP Solar PIP-5048MG Inverter Repair Attempt

    btw the time to test all the drive parts was before reinstalling that heatsink and igbt's you have 5 identical channels so a problem one will stand out. clean off the 8 pin ic's and post the number.
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    MPP Solar PIP-5048MG Inverter Repair Attempt

    got one of those chinese componant testers? since you have several identical channels grab the diode from either side. the tester will tell you if its a plain diode or a zener. the ic behind it is likely an optocoupler and bad too. any part on the gate of a failed fet is suspect. and if you dont...
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    Testing a generic Ryobi battery against its original counterpart

    can you see whos cells are in these? all the real ryobi packs i have seen had samsung or lg. had 1 knockoff that had generic 2200mah laptop grade cells. they must have thought that in 3p they could get away with it. they were beat. 400mohm beat!
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    18650 Powered Off Grid

    YIKES! no bms. thats a disaster waiting to happen!
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    UPS turning off even when the battery voltage is 13v

    many cheap and nasty ups units have a timer in firmware. its not designed to run beyond its stock battery capacity. best ones are the old metal case apc and best power units. i usually set up a fan that runs from the logic so it runs in inverter mode only. metal case= probably good. plastic...