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    Always with the questions. This time grounding.

    Well, I think, technically, you can't have *too many* ground rods. Just as long as they are tied together properly. So, for instance, you could have a ground rod for each major section of panels, for example every 4 panels. Then have another one at the house for the controller, and then...
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    Always with the questions. This time grounding.

    I think bonding the two systems my negate the GFI of the Midnight. Not sure if it will or not, but that's what I think would happen. It gives an alternative path for the leaking current to flow. This is part of the reason, a big portion really, why in AC Mains that after the main meter breaker...
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    Always with the questions. This time grounding.

    Yes, this is because it would defeat the ground fault protection. Breaker GFI's have the same requirement. It has to sense the ground line for leakage. If you add another bond, the leakage won't go through the shunt portion and it won't detect the current flow. This is actually a good thing...
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    Correlation of internal resistance (IR) and self discharge

    Definitely a @Wolf thread for response. He's the pack leader on IR measurements and the various correlations. But yes, generally speaking, the IR has a pretty profound effect on SOH. A few mOhms variance from stock isn't going to have much of a big impact, but 10's or 100's definitely
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    Always with the questions. This time grounding.

    get yourself the cheapest bottle of dish soap you can find, and then mix it with water of about 2:1, or 3:1 soap:water, and squirt it down the pipe as you pull the wire through. You'd need to do it several times as you pull it. There is "electrical jelly" you could get too, but it's a little...
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    Always with the questions. This time grounding.

    Is the conduit you laid PVC? I'm guessing so, as most installations are. However, would grounding the panels independently of the other equipment be sufficient? Meaning, drop a ground rod near the panels and attach them to it. Then have another rod at the equipment and attach the equipment to...
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    Always with the questions. This time grounding.

    I would think that the metal clips that hold the panels to the frame would be the grounding the panels as well. True there is more resistance, but the thing is, if the panels were meant to have more grounding than that, wouldn't the panels be made with the grounding points? It would be...
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    What battery voltage 24 or 48 volts ?

    48V is generally better than 24V because it's easier to work with, the components are about the same price, and you get a longer save running time. Easier: because the wiring required is smaller. The higher the voltage, the smaller the wire is required. You can effectively use almost half the...
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    batterywall designs

    PCBs would also be very expensive to have made for a large project. The 18650 holders will cause problems after a time as the springs used are cheap steel with nickel coating. The springs will get weak over time, and will possibly corrode. The only types of springs I would recommend would be...
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    24v 32ah

    It may be a good idea to get a better understanding of how the construction of a battery builds voltage, amperage, and capacity by reading the FAQ. You can find the section on the home page.
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    Did anyone see this...

    I kind of think of it like the electrons are "dancing" or "jiggling" in place. They aren't hopping from atom to atom to create a "flow". As they jitter back and forth, they create an electromagnetic field. When one electron jitters, it causes its neighboring electrons to jitter as well. And as...
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    Infinisolar V4 5.6KVA/5600W Hybrid Grid Tied Inverter & DIY Powerwall (Safe BMS?)

    well, technically, that's is a 14s60p or 14s100p. You build large packs of cells that are connected in parallel, then you connect each one in series to get the voltage. So if you have 14 packs of cells with 100 cells connected in parallel, that's 14s100p. This would require 1 BMS for that string
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    Infinisolar V4 5.6KVA/5600W Hybrid Grid Tied Inverter & DIY Powerwall (Safe BMS?)

    Well, first off, it doesn't have a BMS in the sense of "balancing" or monitoring the batteries cells. So doesn't matter if it's Lead Acid, Li-Ion, Li-Fe, or some other chemistry. You would still need a separate BMS that does individual cell monitoring (this is any single or parallel group of...
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    Need help ID'ing a connector Here's several different types of these kinds of connectors. They are called "Clip" connectors. Did take a little bit to find them, tho. :p
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    Account disappeared - and all my postings?

    @paddy72 Go ahead and post the link over in the other thread where you intended. People who are looking at that info won't come over here to find it. And btw, you're well past day one and you've posted multiple comments now. You won't get deleted by the AI now. At this point, it's a manual...