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    60kW Whole House Powerwall build

    FYI for anyone wanting to recreate my setup. The owner and developer of the EVTV controller I use, has passed away. I'm not sure if anyone is going to continue running the business but at this point I'm considering the controller software to be abadonware with no more updates being available...
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    Android/Raspberry Pi Battery Monitor?

    Are you any good at writing or at least understanding code? There is an open source BMS controller already for Tesla modules with the OEM BMS boards Take the output from that board and pass it to NodeRed or Influx/Grafana and you have your dashboard. If...
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    Hybrid vs. OffGrid

    Take a look at this video for a close up of what happens when your ATS switches mid wave
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    60kW Whole House Powerwall build

    Thanks for the link. l put the house on bypass and removed the connection to clean it. I did find the bolt wasn't tight enough to my liking so that could have been it, also while I was at it I cleaned all the black off the lug and left it at bare copper, cleaned both surfaces with rubbing...
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    60kW Whole House Powerwall build

    Do you have a link to the video?
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    60kW Whole House Powerwall build

    There is a datasheet but it just states that when connecting to a busbar you should make a connection to the whole plate. I may temporarily remove the shunt and connect directly to the bus bar to see if...
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    60kW Whole House Powerwall build

    Yesterday I pointed my thermal camera at the battery cables while my solar system was at full output and I noticed some disturbing temps. The cable I'm using is EXRAD XLE which is rated to 390A the cable itself while hot is still within NEC allowed temps. Then I moved over to the current...
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    60kW Whole House Powerwall build

    Here's a breakout of the rotary switch. To enable charging on the lithium profile, connect 1 and 8 together into one of the common pins. For me I use a relay in the C pin of the relay I connected a common pin from the switch. On the NC side of the relay I connected 1 and 8 together. This makes...
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    Esperyd?s Raspberry PI project

    Any chance you can share the JSON for your Grafana dashboard. I have been banging my head around trying to get a good influx query to calculate kWh used in a given period of time but I keep coming up with odd numbers, maybe looking at yours would help.
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    Mixing Tesla Modules with Laptop Cells

    I have 14 modules and I can tell you. Good luck taking a module apart, they're glued to never come off and they're naked so they can easily short. Magnum and Outback both support custom voltages when using the advanced router and the mate3 respectively. Without the extra controllers you won't...
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    ATS on AC coupled grid tied system.

    Why would the whole house need to be on the inverter for freq shift to work? If you have a sub panel with only the loads you want backed up it would also work. I see your point about repeated disconnections. Maybe I should have said "Use an energy diversion but have a failover that will kick in...
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    60kW Whole House Powerwall build

    I've been debating adding some cooling to the pack since it's getting above where I want it. Still within range but I'd rather cool it but I can't seem to find any info on how many gpm I need in order to move fluid through all the modules. I guess I should go look in some EV conversion forums.
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    ATS on AC coupled grid tied system.

    Take a look at my build. I did exactly what you're looking to do. However, my inverter does allow power to be backfeed from the output into the battery and my Micros support curtailment so the inverter can shut them off by rising the frequency above 62.5hz (although this can also be accomplished...
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    help about choose a BMS with CAN

    Lead has different modes of charging that Lithium won't like, Lithium chargers are based on a CV/CC (constant voltage/constant current) charge algorithm. The charger limits the amount of current to a pre-set level until the battery reaches a pre-set voltage level. The current then reduces as...
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    [FREE] 350W Solar panels

    I have (3) 350w 72 cell Renesola solar panels that were damaged during shipping (glass was cracked) they still produce power fine. Instead of throwing them out if someone wants them either come and pick them up locally (Orlando, FL) or arrange shipping.