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    Good job! :)
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    My 15kWh Powerwall

    Nice :rolleyes: How many kWh now?
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    Powerwall demo

    Thx, Yes :) Temporary mounting
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    Powerwall demo

    Updated to 7s60p -> 4 kWh I designed it to 60A max(1A per cell) Packs busbars are equal for every cell, I made it from 35mm^2 copper wire Next step is 60A BMS and main battery busbar (to connect other 7s packs i future)
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    Sony US18650V3 Cell Specifications

    more data @pdf
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    Twisted busbar for 3s 11.1V 45A

    At 3s20p like on your picture you'll need over 1.2m of busbars. For 12V 45A at 12mm^2 copper (not taking into account crimping resistances and wirring cell-busbar!) You will lost 7.5W on heat
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    18650 low capacity cells are safe?

    Hi, charge cells to 4.2V then check self discharging - give them few weeks and check voltage drop Exploited battery do not have 1% of capacity because they will have big self discharge or wasting charge current on heat Cell cycle life is depend from using currents, bottom and top voltage...
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    cells that are more than original capacity?/

    1. Look at data sheet -> check battery capacity at discharge current (mA or C) 2 Check Your discharge current Bigger discharge current = less battery capacity Temperature also is matters
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    Powerwall demo

    thank You
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    Powerwall demo

    You right,can somebody recommend something cheaper than batrium system?
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    Powerwall demo

    Hey, sorry for late reply, now itssomething about 2,7 kWh For fusing I use Eaton DC breakers, ANL fuse on battery,SchneiderB10 at AC site ---- update :D added repacked 77pcs. INR18650-29E and 35LGDAS31865, now its 7S40P with ~2,7 kWh added some breakers, bus barand metal case...