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    I ride a Kawasaki ZX10R. It sat for almost a year with a dead battery but the missus MADE me buy a battery a fortnight ago. Even gave me the money! Oh how i had missed it! It was a shame to let it sit for so long but you know, work, family, bills.........
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    Home powered by Model S batteries

    This is a goal hard to beat lol.
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    Arduino Voltage Checker?

    I like this idea. It could be usefull for those that wish to use a 3s design and charge from a solar panal. I fall into this catagory for one or two projects i have in the wings.
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    Buck stable voltage?

    Sweet! I was looking forward to seeing a responce for this. Can we assume this to be the case in general or will it come down to good v poor curcuit design?
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    NERDville Project J-Who?!

    I am noe electronics guru but the idea of using the discharge current of 4 cells would give a more usable energy to charge another cell or 2.
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    When you pull something apart to find...

    That is certainly different.
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    Hello from the future DreamInCAD channel

    Howdy and welcome. I too think DIY doesn't need to be poor quality. Looking forward to seeing your content.
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    Gday All From the top of the Whitsundays in the Tropics

    G'day, Pete is my inspiration too. Good to see more people who wish to be off grid. That is a goal i am working towards. Frustratingly slow but still working towards it.
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    Lux's Powerwall

    Loking forward to see all of this grow.
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    DC powered devices

    MP3car has 12 volt computing power supplies and accessories. They were made to get computers to work in an automotive environment. Pretty handy for running off battery packs :ugeek:
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    Tesla release Powerwall 2.0 inbuilt inverter

    I am interested in the solar roof tiles also. So want more info on these.
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    What is YOUR short circuit current?

    Ah awesome. Seems i know what they are but never knew their name. These het uses in industriul electronics. Thanks for the descrption and the diagram. :D