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    Nissan Leaf Modules - wanted NSW Australia

    I'm sorry i don't know how to PM you, So i will just put the link here. If that's not permitted, moderator please delete, I and i wont be naughty again.
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    Nissan Leaf Modules - wanted NSW Australia

    Hi There was 8 for sale on Ebay in OZ a few weeks ago for $380 have been there on and off for a while. Sorry cant be more help. A man in Brisbane.
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    48v MPPT charger >=250v panels

    Midnite solar classic 250. 250v dc max 60 amps. My two charges a 72v 1150 Ah battery bank.
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    Inverter Syrio Power (same as pip 5048MG) jumps the differential switch

    Hi, I have a Syrio Power SI5000MKS II inverter which appears to be identified as the more common Pip 5048MG. I have a problem, when the inverter tries to enter bypass mode, the differential switch installed upstream of the inverter jumps. If I disconnect the ground wire, the inverter is able to...
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    Obscure Technology: The Ten K Solar module

    Thanks for that. There was a video they made with two guys in lab coats. Shading the panels, and covering them with dirt. I think they even shoot them at one point. It was most entertaining stuff, but showed what could be done. Think the two science guys on the muppets. Its a bit like that.
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    Toyota Camry Hybrid Battery

    Was at the local car wreckers, and noticed a row of Toyota Camrys hybrids, ex cabs, about 6 in a row. And noticed a rather neat battery pack mounted up behind the back seat. Has anyone any experience with these? Or even some general information to share about them. I was just thinking 3 or 4...
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    SUN2000GTIL2-LCD On Grid Tie Amoment of your time if I may.

    Quick Update And Thanks to everyone who commented.. Well the inverter arrived from china via Singapore with UPS. Took about two weeks so not bad. Undamaged and unmolested, by customs. So we thought we should test it. As everyone had suggested, as some have had DOA's. On the bench it the...
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    SUN2000GTIL2-LCD On Grid Tie Amoment of your time if I may.

    Well its ordered from Avian Wind@Solar Store on AliExpress and UPS says its on it way so we will see in a week or ten wont we. And my Old BMV 700 from the boat will be used as a temp so things are under way.
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    SUN2000GTIL2-LCD On Grid Tie Amoment of your time if I may.

    Which 60v battery did u get? Its been a while ago but I think I got my two inverters from eco-worthy. What kind of power supply do the homes in Australia have? Just a bunch of old CALB cells. Australia runs 230v Ac 50 Hz Single Phase. So somewhere between 220 and 245volts is what you get.
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    SUN2000GTIL2-LCD On Grid Tie Amoment of your time if I may.

    Thank you everyone for your comments, and help. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a supplier of these inverters? So one in Australia, would be perfect in these strange Covid times. But a good Asian source is what i will most likely end up with. So if you have one you have use and like...
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    Hi From Brisbane As Well.

    I think some of you have used that line, Before. Im in the South, Marsden. And have been reading of and on for a few years. And thought i Should Join in the discussion. Some of you are doing very impressive and most interesting things. Most far more than i will ever do. But if i learn...
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    SUN2000GTIL2-LCD On Grid Tie Amoment of your time if I may.

    SUN2000GTIL2-LCD On Grid System Owners Some Information If You Please? Hi What i'm trying to find our is what is the recommended battery, voltage and current from your experience to get close to or Full output. With the 2kw Version. Ca you get usefull output from 48Volts? I have a 48volt 525Ah...