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    Vanon Batteries .... Yeh - did they dupe me?

    There are multiple types of cheating that can be done: - high current original cells of lower capacity (seen plenty of Samsung 13Q in 1.5/3Ah packs), which is the best fake option you can get - low current cells in power tool batteries; battery will work fine at low power use like with a...
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    Various Flashlights And Things Get 18650ed, Part 2

    Some of my latest: 3x18650 for string LED emergency lights. Sting on the upper side of the door of each room. In case of power outage. the 12V LED string can be turned on independently of anything. 3x18650 for old army 12V walkie-talkies. These are really good, was worth to convert them...
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    Samsung ICR18650-22P Cell Specifications

    If they have another type of cap, yes, they're fake.
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    Samsung ICR18650-22P Cell Specifications

    Alt specs pdf:
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    Samsung 22p battery testing it with capacity checker and is something wrong

    If you test capacity when charging, the test is useless, it can vary a lot depending on the quality, state of the cell, temperature, many other things. Your tester should fully charge, then test on discharge to measure capacity. That value is then relevant with little other influence. There is...
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    Panasonic CGR18650 Cell Specifications

    Yes, the higher the current, the lower the sustainable capacity will be. Even Samsung cheats on this for cells, they give the mAh rating at low current which differs significantly from the capacity at high drain (max cell specs). For old cells, ~500mAh is kindof a standard but they usually can...
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    Yhkam 60290 12s1p battery pack should I or how should I add SAB 60280s?

    I used pieces of wood below to balance height in such cases. There are also Z-like metal connectors you can user but they may be hard to find to the exact specs.
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    Samsung INR18650-29E series/version 7 date code?

    @Wizzie2k If it's a rebrand it does not mean it is a bad cell. I've seen plenty of LG C4 rebranded as HE. 2800mAh instead of 3000 and lower discharge max current; other than that 100% LG original, but they were not HEs. @italianuser You still can't have a "T" in there.
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    Survey: What is your best 18650 cell and what is it capacity.

    Got a 3500mAh Red Panasonic B, followed close by a 3400mah series C. Those are brand new, I received them for testing.
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    Yhkam 60290 12s1p battery pack should I or how should I add SAB 60280s?

    If you have a functional system with 12 cells, just pair them and double the capacity (you'll have close to 160Ah). Put 2P and then 12S. And you have 2 more as spare, which is ideal.
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    DOUBLEPOW...Any experience buying these batteries???

    I think they mean 2520 minimum capacity, not 520, lol. 3C discharge would imply that they are relatively recent good cells, not rebranded old junk. Price range is normal for this type of cells. I had similar 2600mAh grey for testing, they were up to declared specs.
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    Samsung INR18650-29E series/version 7 date code?

    Fake rebrand. No such thing as "T" date code for originals. Last char must be a number. The "4" means 2014.
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    Re-wire a house to use 24v LEDs ?

    Would be nice to find 12V and 24V light bulbs. Then such a project would make perfect sense. An adapted UPS to charge a battery bank and from there DC connection.
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    Testing capacity of power tool batteries - any ideas ?

    I managed to assimilate one of these: View: I can set the min V value to anything (using 15V now) and select the discharge current as long as I don't exceed the max power rating of the tester (150W). So I can do fine and safe with tests at 6.5A...