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    Cleaning Snow - Roof Rakes?

    I did my own "roof rake" today in wood, I can stand on the ground or a little ladder So that is easy. it’s from 10-20 cm of snow on the panels or it was :rolleyes: before today it was sunny and I got 3watt of sun. Let’s se tomorrow
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    Bygga batteri av 18650 batterier återvunna

    Hello Swerre fun project (y)
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    Hi from Sweden !!!

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    Hello from sweden

    Thanks I think I have watch all of yours YouTube films
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    Hello from sweden

    Hello on the right side of lake Vättern in sweden a small town called Väderstad , ’yes ther is my house Standing on the country side. i am playing around with some battery. and this forum is wher a got answers on my questions I found this true a guy from YouTub. Jepp it’s Pete (y)