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    Drop in cell volatges

    Wonderful flowchart for processing 18650.
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    Drop in cell volatges

    Yes they do.currently I'm picking all the branded ones.the sanyos came out of Acer ones.the recyclers or the service centers have no idea what they can be used for.the recyclers send it to big cities from where they are shipped to china.
  3. prads34

    Drop in cell volatges

    Damn so most of the 1st lot turned out to be garbage.will have to hunt for more laptop batteries.the problem here in india is the recyclers r unorganised.they don't have a shop as such.they recycler guys visit laptop service center every few days and buy 1 dead laptop battery for about 50rs or...
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    Drop in cell volatges

    Hello.this is my 1st harvesting adventure.i got about 18 cells most of them red sanyos with purple caps.although they dint get hot during charging but after charging fully to about 4.16v the voltage drops to about 3.98 4 v after 24 hrs. Are they bad ? How much should theideal voltage drop
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    DIY Powerwalls Cell Database

    this particular sanyo type data was missing. it says UR 18650 A R1112
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    Hello from india

    Hello everyone.really inspired from all the youtube videos u guys put.starting off with a small 3s3p pack powered by 12v 10w solar panel lighting a3w led night lamp as my 1st ultimate dream is to build a powerwall.hope to get everyones support here