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    Need help buying cylidrical LTO cells

    Old thread, but I'm curious if this ever worked out. I like LTO cells, and some interesting ones have come on the market in recent months. The OP asked about Kokam, and no one answered. They are an excellent manufacturer, and if I'm not mistaken are now owned by SolarEdge, and are likely...
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    Warm water heat pump 5kwh/day

    OGITC: Thank you for that. Very interesting.
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    Warm water heat pump 5kwh/day

    Hey OGITC: Could you detail a bit on how you are using your ATS? I know I've read some stuff about it, but when I do a search, so far I have not found the posts. I don't want to hijack PEPEs post though. I'm interested in how an ATS can be used basically off grid in the city, just like your...
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    where to buy two Enetelus PNUS2 10kwh batteries

    I don't think you are going to find any. I spent a lot of time on and off for over 2 years trying to track some down, because there are a lot of those inverters out in the San Jose area, Stockton, Florida, LA, etc. There are literally hundred of the big inverters sitting in the crates out...
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    Warm water heat pump 5kwh/day

    Pepe: I misunderstood. Got it. Before I made any significant changes to your system I'd make sure that you have done everything possible to reduce heat loss. Extra insulation for the tank, careful insulation of piping. If you have PV, you might consider installing a drain-back solar panel...
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    Warm water heat pump 5kwh/day

    Pepe: Do I understand your pump wattage correctly? 500 watts? Are you running a high head pump? I'm running 8-12 zone Wirsbso manifolds with Grundfos Alpha pumps, and my average consumption is 11-18 watts each. This is for in-floor and radiators both. If your pump is old, swap it out and...
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    Small battery inverter for on-grid AC home solution

    Roland: What is your opinion of the reliability of the AC chargers you are using? I have seen those for sale, and was considering buying one. Thank you for any input.
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    Midnite Solar Grid Tied Inverter?

    I stumbled across an older video of Robin at a trade show showing off a grid tied solar inverter. I spent about 2 hours trying to find any other info on the units, or documentation, but to no avail. Does anyone know if they are actually available? I cannot see them for sale. I'm wondering if...
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    Obscure Technology: The Ten K Solar module

    Peterator: I think it is great that you took the time to post, because there is always someone who can benefit from it. Even if there wasn't, it is interesting history. I'm interested in the concept of just putting all power direct to batteries. Carry on!
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    REC Q BMS wiring when adding new batteries

    ThirdEyeSamuel: hey, really nice setup! May I ask what your experience has been using the Victron Autotransformer? And, your impressions of the REC BMS? Thanks!
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    With split phase inverters...

    Dr. Dickie: If you are still considering your choice of inverters, you might want to read up on the info on the Victron site regarding autotransformers. If you already have an inverter, you might consider adding a second, and using an autotransformer to provide a new neutral for split phase...
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    Using OEM EV or ESS module wiring harness

    LithiumSolar/OGITC I tried to place Batrium Core and K9 kit in my cart yesterday, but for some reason the "add to cart" button was not displaying. I used my wifes' computer, and there was no problem. I realized my software is so old that I'm not seeing many of the images and text boxes. For...
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    Using OEM EV or ESS module wiring harness

    Cheap 4-life: Early on, I was super interested in getting some of those large LG cell batteries, especially when they had the ones that were 10kw, etc. I was apprehensive about several aspects, including weight, disassembling packs, working on my own with no help to reassemble, etc. But most...
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    Using OEM EV or ESS module wiring harness

    When you guys refer to "shared balance leads", or similar language, are you referring to the typical balancing/temp sensor harness that comes on many of the EV modules? Like the BMW, Fiat, etc? It seems Batrium desired to target the new Core/K9 at that market, if I understand correctly. After...
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    Parallel modules to reduce BMS expense

    LithiumSolar: Fabulous video! One of the best I have seen. Will this end up with Blockmons installed? Are they needed?