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    Panasonic NCR18650 Cell Specifications

    A new wrapper style. From a med pack built in 2017.
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    Tested 18650 cells in 4x5 holders 2700- 2999 mAh

    I've made the decision to prioritize my electric motorcycle build over the power wall, mostly because we have to wait two more years to install solar (new roof will be needed next year). This switch means I need higher output cells to run 300A @ 72 volts for the bike. I am flipping some 18650...
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    Sanyo UR18650ZTA Cell Specifications

    Thanks! I should just keep my mouth shut about it then. The drawing looked more like a Panasonic button top too, but it's not drawn to scale looks like Panasonic owned Sanyo until 2015. My cells of this model are older than that.
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    Sanyo UR18650ZTA Cell Specifications

    The linked cell info is for a Panasonic cell, and is incorrect.
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    Sanyo UR18650ZTA Cell Specifications

    I'm a newbie at this. I just stared collecting cells for a couple power pack projects. I'm getting loads of old Dell 93wh packs from my IT department, and these are in most of them. Great cells so far.