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    Pressure used for spot welding, different thicknesses and weld times

    Quite firmly so you get good probe contact + hold the strip & battery together properly This is where you have to experiment at your end. We can't tell you what's right for you because your setup is different. Find some dud cells & try some settings, then inspect eg, try to tear of the nickle...
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    Batrium BlockMon-8 Voltage & Temperature Issues

    This seems to be an issue, I get this when bypassing as well, even with low bypass current & low temp rise. I have 32 blockmons & 32 longmons in service. All the wires are twisted to reduce interference. It seems to be related to the electrical noise the bypassing process generates. When...
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    Two types of LiFePO4 Batteries

    Sounds like you need to start reading a lot and also watching a lot of youtube videos. eg start with Will Prose << he shows you how to build a basic system. See this search: Some main areas are: a) safety (voltage, short circuits, fire)...
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    Pressure used for spot welding, different thicknesses and weld times

    An SLA would need to be a larger size to deliver enough current. That banggood unit looks too small to be a serious unit, it seems to have only one cell inside? Hope I'm wrong? I would think a spot welder needs a pack of minimum 6 or so cells. You need the pressure to get good contact between...
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    Fire Proof Containment

    It does seem power wall use is pretty mild, eg compared to power tool, RC, vaping or spot welding packs! Spontaneous short circuits would seem to be the main risk source. eg from a dent, careful builders discard any, but maybe accidental damage by handling a pack (but you're close by then) or...
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    Fire Proof Containment

    It's good to keep in mind that when a cell burns, it is actually releasing a fixed amount stored energy "fast". Like you can see in youtube videos, once this has happened, there's not much left apart from a bit of plastic or two that keeps burning. IE it's a bit like a firecracker, a short hot...
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    Heyo/Daly bms issue.

    They likely mean "cell reference voltage" = "cell full" The "cell volt high protect" number is correct for LiFePo4, if Li-Ion, it would be near 4.2V. 3.2v/cell would be the "nominal" voltage for LiFePo4 chemistry. Most BMS only have quite small balance currents & it might take a long time to...
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    Two types of LiFePO4 Batteries

    Hi Korishan, did you have a source I could read on this? I have had quite a few pouch cells (qty = 96) in service for several years now, no sign of swelling & they are not under compression. My thoughts are internal gassing only occurs if the cells are over charged (>3.5V approx) or possibly...
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    18650 battery pack for 65W laptop that powers it for +50hours

    The more converters you go through, the worse losses will be (less hours laptop use) & step down is more efficient than step up. Eg battery pack > step down to 12V > car adaptor step up to 20V again. You'd get longer run time with a 24V nominal ie 7s battery & use a DC-DC step down converter to...
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    Hello from Melbourne, VIC

    Using an IR tester like a YR1035 would be a good idea. Bad cells typically have higher IR. Have a look at these cell testing flow charts to help weed out bad cells: If cells are bad, "reviving" them isn't such a...
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    DIY 277Ah battery cell with two bolts

    Can't see any issues with this, might make for easier wiring.
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    Troubleshooting Victron BMV-712 battery monitor

    If vibration has been a regular thing (eg golf buggy use?), maybe look for breaks in wires or joints?
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    Looking for a Mentor

    The youtube channel by Will Prowse has bunch of good info & discussion. If you're after a faster build, maybe look at LiFePo4 prismatic cells, might suit RV4 use better? Eg lower risks, etc. If doing 18650s, check out the flow charts here...
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    Can’t load DIY solar forum

    Like said above, sounds like your home broadband service IP address (WAN side) has been blocked. Like Italianuser says use to find your WAN IP. Look it up in some of the "am-I-blocked" checker sites. Using a VPN on the affected device(s) will solve this as will using...
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    Max battery current draw?

    Short high current bursts have a place, eg spot welding, vaping or vehicle engine starter/flat battery rescue. Key is "short time" so things like cell internal heating, wiring heating, chemistry degradation are minimised. Note the higher rate of incidents with vaping use eg fires, bursting, etc...